Las Palmas Metropolis Council doesn’t plan to withdraw its controversial Pleasure Day marketing campaign: “Now we have turned it inside out” : The Canary


Given the controversy attributable to the truth that the Metropolis Council has used, and tried to reclaim, a Francoist motto as inspiration for this yr’s celebration of the longest operating LGBTQIA+ Pleasure occasion on the island, the councillor defended herself stressing that the phrase “freedom” has been “manipulated” for years by folks that truly “wished to chop off all types of freedoms”, as occurred in the course of the dictatorship in Spain. The target of this marketing campaign is to indicate its “good sense” and “change” of use at a time when the phrase “freedom” is being heard once more in speeches just like a few of these from political events years in the past.

Paula Núñez, from the Communist Get together, representing institutional feminism within the Canary Islands, nevertheless, believes that the slogan and the marketing campaign are “an actual nonsense”. Though she has expressed that she recognises that this was not the intention, she has acknowledged that “it’s offensive and lacks style and tact in direction of the LGBTQI group and in direction of historic reminiscence.” Núñez denounced the marketing campaign in an announcement saying that, “removed from selling respect for variety and tolerance, this failed try to re-appropriate fascist symbology exhibits a complete lack of sensitivity and is an act frivolisation of repression”. She referred to “the brutality of the crimes in the course of the dictatorship, in addition to the persecution and detention in cities and working-class neighbourhoods of LGBTQI folks, who have been later imprisoned in locations such because the notorious Tefía focus camp.”

“It was largely working-class homosexuals who have been detained right here, as a result of the rich class bribed the judges and in the long run they weren’t arrested. For that reason, the marketing campaign so appears to us to utterly lack style, it’s actually appropriating a symbology of a dictatorship that tortured the LGBTQI group for a few years”, Núñez recalled. For that reason, the Communist Get together within the Canary Islands has demanded the withdrawal of the poster and the video spot posted on-line.

For her half, the Metropolis Councillor for Equality wished to apologise to all these individuals who have felt offended, though she maintains that “the noise” across the motto “has been generated on one facet”, there are lots of activists who “have directed us and so they favored it”, she stated.


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