Goldman Sachs Cuts Apple PT To $140 vs $180 Goldman Sachs Cuts Apple PT To $140 vs $180
Wizz Air Reports Surge in Passenger Traffic in December, Extending Year-Long Trend Wizz Air Reports Surge in Passenger Traffic in December, Extending Year-Long Trend


Why do anti-Zionist Jews ignore my Middle Eastern history?

In the name of free speech, the anti-Zionist Jewish movement IfNotNow – which vows that the current generation of young American Jews “will be the generation that ends our community’s support for the occupation” – criticizes the Democratic Party leadership for supporting bipartisan anti-BDS legislation. They call for boycotting speeches by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon, citing his […]

Netanyahu to AIPAC: Trump‘s ban on nuclear deal most vital event of 2018

"The most important thing that happened in the last year in the Middle East was ‘s decision to leave the nuclear deal which led to a weakened the Iranian economy," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told members of AIPAC in his office in Jerusalem on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by the president of AIPAC, Mort Friedman, outgoing president, Lillian Pinkus, […]

Brazilian soccer team joins anti-Semitism awareness initiative

One of Brazil’s most popular soccer teams joined a global Jewish initiative to raise awareness about the Holocaust and the dangers of anti-Semitism. The Corinthians took a team picture on the field holding a poster with the hashtag #WeRemember and put it on its the club’s social media channels, drawing nearly 50,000 “likes.” The World Jewish Congress launched the campaign. […]

Liberal NY rabbis call on Jews to attend Women‘s March

Nine liberal rabbis endorsed the Women’s March after meetings with organizers Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory and sharing their concerns about antisemitism. The rabbis said in a letter that they had engaged in “frank discussions about the issues that are dividing our communities” with Sarsour and Mallory,, who has a history of making antisemitic and homophobic statements. Though the letter […]

American Jewish social entrepreneur among Kenya terror victims

Jason Spindler, a Jewish American whose life was changed when he survived the 9/11 attack in New York, was killed in a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya. on a business complex, claimed by the Somali Islamist terrorist group Shabab, claimed at least 21 lives. Shabab said it was motivated in part to commit the attack by President Donald Trump’s recognition […]

Jerusalem wakes up to dashed hopes of rare snow day

Jerusalem‘s snow craze remained a short one, as residents woke up Thursday to a capital which was cold and wet, but without snow. Stormy weather set in Wednesday afternoon with the initial rain and hail as the evening progressed, to the joy of Jerusalemites who waited since the last snow fall. However, the snow falling onto the streets and cars […]

Australian MP: Malaysian PM is “Malay bigot” for banning Israeli athletes

Michael Danby, an Australian Labor Party MP, condemned banning Israeli swimmers from the Paralympic Qualifiers in Malaysia on Wednesday, calling Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad a ‘”Malay Bigot.” Danby called on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to host the Paralympics swimmers in Australia instead. He wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking that he offer one of Australia’s premium venues […]