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Janta roti, an Indian flatbread ready utilizing precooked wheat flour. It is vitally mushy and has a soften within the mouth texture.

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Janta Roti, part of Odia Delicacies!

The phrase ‘Janta’ right here is an Odia phrase meaning the dough of the Indian flatbread (roti) is precooked. Then the roti is ready from the cooked dough.

So mainly Janta Roti follows 2-𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒑 𝒄𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈.

The wheat flour together with water is cooked first by constantly stirring in a kadhai / broad thick pan until thick consistency, and this step we name Janta in Odia.

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Because the roti is ready in two steps cooking, it’s completely straightforward for digestion in addition to chewing. And for that reason, Janta Roti is the popular meals for old-aged folks, for infants who’re launched to strong meals, and even for individuals who recovered from fever or some other sickness.

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JAnta Roti 1

Janta Roti


Janta roti, an Indian flatbread ready utilizing precooked wheat flour may be very mushy and has a soften within the mouth texture.

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook dinner Time 20 minutes

Complete Time 30 minutes

Course Predominant Course

Delicacies Odia

  • 2 cup Wheat flour
  • 2 cup Water
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • ½ tsp Oil
  • Warmth 2 cup water in a pan and permit to boil.

  • As soon as begins boiling add the salt and oil, combine effectively. Flip off the warmth.

  • Add the flour in elements and begin mixing within the scorching water.

  • Quickly the flour will take in all of the water and a sticky lump will kind.

  • Then switch the entire combination right into a plate.

  • Cowl the plate and permit to chill down for 5-10 minutes.

  • When it’s nonetheless heat, begin kneading the dough by sprinkling some flour over it.

  • As soon as the dough is prepared, divide the dough into lemon dimension spherical balls.

  • Roll the balls between each palm and make them into spherical form ball. Maintain apart.

  • Warmth an iron tawa / skillet on gasoline over medium warmth.

  • Take a rolling board, place a dough ball on it.

  • Mud the dough ball with some wheat flour and begin rolling into 5-6 inch diameter round disc.

  • By now the skillet should turn out to be scorching sufficient for cooking the roti.

  • Place the roti on tawa / skillet and roast for 20-30 seconds till small bubbles begins showing on dough.

  • Flip the roti and roast on different facet once more for 30-40 seconds till the underside begins turning into gentle brown in coloration.

  • Flip the gasoline on excessive flame and take the roti off the tawa / skillet and place it on direct flame.

  • Roti ought to begin getting overrated. Roast the roti on direct flame for 5-10 seconds and let it puffs up fully.

  • Now flip the roti and roast the opposite facet on direct flame only for 2-3 seconds.

  • Cut back the warmth and take the roti off the gasoline and preserve them in a container that retains meals heat like a casserole / in a roti basket or wrap them up in a kitchen towel / serviette.

  • Repeat the rolling & roasting steps and make remaining rotis.

  • Serve the scrumptious roti scorching with any vegetable curry / dal !

  • Dont add the flour suddenly to the boiled water, else lumps will kind.
  • Roasting over direct flame just isn’t crucial. However I favor to do this step.
  • The quantity of water to make the dough relies upon upon the standard of the flour. So regulate accordingly both 2 cup or little extra.

Key phrase Flatbreads, Wheat Flour Recipe

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