Woman Confronts Maintenance Guy For Repeatedly Entering Her House Unannounced And Without Knocking In A Viral TikTok


Lately, a video on TikTok has gone viral after the TikToker @halzmaki put it up on the platform. Captioned “slightly scared” and hashtagged #rentalproperty and #collegelife, the 21-second recording captured a person saying “hello” whereas the digicam was pointed on the ceiling.

The viewer then hears the Tiktoker confronting the stranger: “Umm, it’s essential to knock earlier than you are available.” But it surely looks like the person doesn’t see this as a giant deal as he responds: “Properly, I’ve a key, so…”

The temporary trade between the TikToker and the person become a heated dialogue on ladies’s security in their very own residence, with many individuals stating that the state of affairs was not solely incorrect however probably harmful.

Later, @halzmaki added a second video, sharing some background story with the viewers, which solely revealed extra worrying particulars about this incident.

Picture credit: Maria Ziegler (not the precise picture)

This TikTok video of a girl confronting a upkeep man who entered her residence unannounced and with out knocking has gone viral

@halzmaki A bit of scared 😅 #rentalproperty #collegelife ♬ unique sound – 😵‍💫

Picture credit: halzmaki

Picture credit: halzmaki

Picture credit: halzmaki

For many who’re questioning if a upkeep employee can present up unannounced to enter our house, David M Owens, a tenant lawyer in Westwood, MA, claims that except they supply discover that they’re coming, you don’t should allow them to in. “If [the worker] is coming in with out permission and unannounced, which may be a violation of your proper to quiet enjoyment.”

Based on Nolo, quiet enjoyment is “The best of a property proprietor or tenant to get pleasure from his or her property with out interference. Disruption of quiet enjoyment could represent a authorized nuisance. Leases and rental agreements typically include a ‘covenant of quiet enjoyment,’ expressly obligating the owner to make sure that tenants stay undisturbed.”

Though there isn’t any particular federal regulation concerning a renter’s proper to quiet enjoyment, all rental lease agreements ought to embody language concerning a renter’s proper to quiet enjoyment, beneath an implied guarantee or covenant. Usually, courts will uphold a renter’s proper to quiet enjoyment even when it’s not talked about within the lease settlement.

Furthermore, most states require {that a} landlord give discover to tenants 24 or 48 hours earlier than the entry is to happen. Nonetheless, it’s value noting {that a} landlord can enter a rental property at any time with out discover with a view to make an emergency restore.

The TikToker shared a second video revealing the entire story

@halzmaki Reply to @othan1979 ♬ unique sound – 😵‍💫

She additionally addressed the feedback that referred to as her foolish for recording the confrontation as a substitute of calling the police

@halzmaki Reply to @whitesoxstan ♬ unique sound – 😵‍💫

Based on Enjuris, house advanced homeowners are liable for the individuals they make use of to look after the property. For instance, if an worker causes hurt to tenants or their property, the owner/house advanced administration could possibly be held liable. Moreover, if the house advanced doesn’t present affordable safety measures for tenants who then turn out to be victims of against the law of their residence, there could possibly be trigger for civil motion.

Many individuals expressed their large concern with this entire state of affairs and mentioned that that is incorrect on so many ranges


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