What snakes are there in the UK?


The Wildlife Belief has revealed which snakes reside within the UK.

The charity has revealed an inventory of pointers about the kind of snakes and slow-worms we may look forward to finding.


A spokesperson stated: “Within the UK now we have three species of snake – grass snake, adder and the very uncommon easy snake.

“Grass snakes are the commonest and these can generally be present in gardens.

Glasgow Times: SNAKE: A grass snake. Pic. Eleanor ReastSNAKE: A grass snake. Pic. Eleanor Reast

“Mature females will be about one metre in size however, as with many species of wildlife, they think about us to be an even bigger menace to them than we think about they’re to us so that they’re prone to disappear earlier than we see them.”

Grass snakes have a particular yellow collar on the again of their neck with greenish to brown our bodies which have black marks alongside the perimeters.

Adders are the UK’s solely venomous snakes however numbers have been declining steeply for a few years and they’re solely simply clinging on in a number of areas.

Adders solely develop to 50-60cm and will be brown or gray with a diamond sample down the centre of their again.

Venom is crucial to the snake’s survival, as they want it to subdue prey to eat, so that they’ll solely use it the place they really feel they must defend themselves.

Glasgow Times: SAFE: A slow-worm. Pic. Eleanor ReastSAFE: A slow-worm. Pic. Eleanor Reast

Bites can solely trigger native results usually though some folks do react badly; remedy is obtainable.

The spokesperson added: “It’s necessary to maintain canines on leads when out in open countryside to scale back the danger each to pets and to the snakes too.

“In fact, there may be all the time the prospect that an unique snake has escaped from somebody’s non-public assortment and so applicable warning ought to all the time be exercised.”

Superficially wanting like snakes, slow-worms are literally legless lizards.

Rising to 50cm in size, they’re golden-beige in color and are normally liked by gardeners and allotment holders as they readily gobble up slugs.

Sluggish-worms don’t normally bask within the sunshine like snakes so will be even trickier to see.

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