Ubisoft’s Weird Cat Boat Tradition Explained


Video video games, like every impactful story, can take us to some fairly darkish locations. Most AAA video games contain a lot of killing and often it’s important to watch a pair NPC’s you’ve come to care about chunk it alongside the way in which. It’s not shocking that builders who’ve needed to spend hours programming the easiest way to snipe somebody to dying or coding in a pile of useless our bodies to loot want just a little light-hearted break. Enter the cat boat, an Ubisoft custom of placing an Easter egg of their video games that includes, you guessed it, cats and a ship. 

Gamers of Murderer’s Creed Valhalla who took the time to do a chase sidequest bought rewarded with a loveable white cat who would nestle within the criminal of their longship as they united the realms of historical Britain. And followers of the excellently enjoyable shooter/freedom fighter journey sport Far Cry 6 could have seen the enigmatic shipwreck washed up on a tropical shore. It’s stuffed with cute, oddly upright cat dolls, with “miau” spelled out in stones like an S.O.S. close by.


Extra like ‘Watch Cats’, cuz it has the clock on it is collar.

In Watch Canines: Legion there’s a rowboat with a fairly cute maneki-neko cat nestled beneath a fishing internet. It’s a nicely hidden Easter egg, meant just for the true explorers…and for individuals who learn Easter egg articles. Watch Canines 2, which predated Legion by 4 years, has one other boat stuffed with the ‘fortunate cats’, the now ubiquitous charmed collectible figurines waving their tiny paws, beckoning luck into the proprietor’s dwelling.

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