This Sarcastic Online Community Shares “Bad Pics Of Earth” With Hilarious Headlines, And Here Are 40 Of Their Funniest Posts


De Botton and Jacobs had completely different causes for favoring related options in a metropolis, however it’s encouraging to listen to that whether or not a metropolis planner focuses on aesthetics or the success of a metropolis neighborhood, they are going to in all probability kill two birds with one stone. Time and time once more, nonetheless, we see trendy cities constructed to be cheaper, uglier variations of their predecessors. And why is that? The College of Life broke down a few of their theories as to why trendy cities are such eyesores on this piece, the primary being what they name “The Struggle on Magnificence”.

They clarify that a whole lot of years in the past, it was understood that when an architect designed a constructing, they might attempt to make it useful and stunning. Nevertheless, extra lately, functionalism appears to have grow to be the only precedence for a lot of designers. “The idea of magnificence had been rendered old school, it smelt elitist and wooly. Nobody might any extra complain that magnificence was lacking from the world with out sounding soft-headed,” The College of Life writes. “Modernity grew to become ugly as a result of it forgot the best way to articulate that magnificence is, in the long run, as a lot of a necessity for a constructing as a functioning.”


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