The fires in Greece and the significance of ladies within the office


In Greece, fires destroyed massive land areas, human properties and elements of our previous.

Assistance is arriving from many elements of the world, in each attainable method, however sadly in our case now we have the function of observer in all the pieces that occurs.

We see troublesome photos each day, individuals residing their properties, others staying to battle, exhausted firefighters.

In entrance of a tv we cry with them and plenty of instances we really feel that we don’t have the precise to really feel this ache.

Journalists in an try to offer a extra sensible image of the scenario, they interview people who find themselves making an attempt to guard their villages or those that has already misplaced their properties.

In one among these instances, a reporter was making an attempt to interview a person who was watering his home to forestall it from catching fireplace. The interviewee was respiration arduous as a result of smoke that had already reached the world. Placing apart the truth that she was dwell on TV, the reporter began in search of a masks in her bag. Seeing this gesture, the interviewee started to cry in entrance of her saying thanks. The journalist hugged him crying.

This video went viral on TV, websites and social networks as a result of it expresses properly the disappointment all of us really feel for what is going on even when it doesn’t concern us immediately.

However on this episode there’s additionally one other facet to think about, which fits past the fires and the tragedy that Greece is experiencing in these hours. The reporter is a girl who began crying in her office. And within the society that we dwell in, the signal of emotion whereas working is usually thought of unprofessional. However is it actually so?

In actuality, what occurred between these two individuals is a vital instance to know how basic is the lady presence within the office. Not the ladies who’s behaving like a person to really feel extra accepted, however for individuals who respect all their traits, akin to sensitivity (the journalist sees an individual who suffers and attempt to assist him) or maternal intuition (the journalist appears for a masks for the interviewee). These are behaviors that make a piece setting extra humane and subsequently extra productive for everybody.

Extending the idea, we will affirm that one of the best group lead to a office shouldn’t be obtained if there are solely males or females within the workplace, solely younger or solely aged, solely graduates or solely poorly educated, however by combining these variations.

Ladies ought to overcome the mentality that forces them to behave like males with the intention to be accepted, as a substitute of bringing out all these lovely and distinctive characteristicas, simply because the Greek journalist did. An instance that present us how essential it’s for collective progress to have girls in all forms of work environments.

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