Reminder: Literally Nobody Will Open Those Rare $3,000 Magic Cards Hidden In Packs


Basic Magic The Gathering followers, it is time to exit the retirement folks for a bit as a result of the brand new Dominaria United set will launch in September and its boosters may comprise ultra-valuable playing cards from the 1994 print of the Legends set. Which means yeah, we are able to purchase a brand new Dominaria United booster and get a “Tabernacle on the Pendrell Vale”.

Wizards Of The Coast


That is value only a measly, uh, $3800. That is by far essentially the most precious card on the Legends set, with the second most beneficial, “Chains Of Mephistopheles”, retailing for simply $1500 goddamn {dollars}.

Wizards Of The Coast

It might simply promote for over $2000 if its textual content have been much more complicated.

In all equity, it is fairly cool that the folks accountable for MTG at Wizards Of The Coast are eliminating their previous inventory this manner as a substitute of, say, simply reselling them to hungry collectors for absurd costs. Nonetheless, chances are high very low that anybody will ever get both of those two – and even any of the opposite 30 playing cards from the Legends set that at the moment promote for over 100 {dollars}. 

Wizards Of The Coast

Nicol Bolas has aged like positive wine and at the moment sells for over $450.

For an opportunity to get any of the previous playing cards, we’ll need to get collector booster bins, which retail for $300 goddamn {dollars}. On high of that, whereas the possibilities of getting playing cards from the Legends set aren’t zero, the possibility of getting the playing cards that will make the funding repay is astronomically slim. We did the mathematics, and we’ve however a 3% probability of even getting only one card from the previous Legends set (that seemingly shall be a typical), so simply think about the chances of getting one of many precious and far rarer ones. Let us take a look at the brilliant aspect, nevertheless, and that is how “Invoke Prejudice”, “Jihad”, “Stone-Throwing Devils”, “Cleanse”, “Pradesh Gypsies,”  “Imprison”, and “Campaign” are out of the draw as a result of the folks behind MTG ended up realizing they have been fairly racist.

Wizards Of The Coast

It was fairly refined, proper?

What’s seemingly, nevertheless, is opening a booster to discover a bunch of boars laughing at us whereas they seemingly quote the bible.

Wizards Of The Coast

Completely value it – Wizard $:300


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