Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is out of runway: he needs to be grounded


How does Alan Joyce get away with it? After operating Qantas into the bottom, the CEO needs to be answering basic questions on his administration. However he continues to behave with impunity.

(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)
(Picture: Mitchell Squire/Personal Media)

Can Qantas trash its repute any sooner than it has been in current months? Having spent a lot of the pandemic clamouring to be allowed to start working once more, Alan Joyce’s airline returned to the skies unable to supply probably the most fundamental companies persistently — on-time flights (or just flights that are not cancelled), environment friendly processing of passengers, peak-demand administration, customer support, baggage arriving on the similar vacation spot (or not disappearing into some void from which nothing ever returns).

All through this era, Joyce and his group have blamed everybody else. First it was passengers who weren’t “match match”. Then it was airports that had been in charge for not having sufficient workers. Then it was the labour market and shortages of staff — after Qantas had illegally sacked 1000’s of bags handlers throughout the pandemic. Joyce, it appears, at all times has an excuse for why a once-great airline is now considered a social media joke and barely worthy of the outline “full service”.

The abiding theme of Joyce’s administration of the decline of Qantas is his passionate loathing of his workforce. That is the person who shut your entire airline down in 2011 reasonably than take care of engineers, pilots and transport staff and their unions, who used the pandemic to sack 6000 staff, on prime of one other 7000 staff additionally sacked beneath Joyce. The lack of Qantas workers has tracked its decline from a revered airline to the butt of jokes.

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