Nicolas Cage Should Still Be Ghost Rider, Dammit


This has been the topic of a lot dialogue currently after followers observed a poster in She-Hulk seemingly promoting “Johnny Blaze,” Ghost Rider’s alter-ego. Effectively, the producers later clarified that the poster was really for “Donny Blaze” a magician “who simply wished a cool identify.” And earlier than that, Ryan Gosling made headlines by publicly stating that he’d be right down to play G.R. in a Marvel film.

But when they do deliver Ghost Rider into the MCU, we’re of the agency opinion that it needs to be Nicolas “I’ve already constructed my very own goddamn tomb” Cage. 

Positive the primary two Cage-starring Ghost Rider films weren’t nice – however that wasn’t his fault. And if anybody has confirmed that he can rise to the event after slumming it in some crappy film, it’s the man who voiced Speckles the guinea pig in G-Power the identical yr he starred in a bonkers Werner Herzog movie. Really, perhaps we must always simply add CGI to a couple scenes and make this the brand new Ghost Rider film:

And extra to the purpose, we’re now dwelling in a time when older actors are routinely being introduced again to reprise previous superhero roles, like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Method Dwelling and Michael Keaton in The Flash (if it ever sees the sunshine of day). So wouldn’t or not it’s good if Cage received a extremely nice Ghost Rider movie to sink his enamel into?

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