Mr. Sato makes senpafe 1,000-yen parfait, and things get oddly violent【Japan’s Best Home Senpafe】


Style buds and sanity aren’t the one issues being challenged as dessert goes off the rails in Sato model.

Over the previous yr, our crack reporter Mr. Sato has made it his mission to push the boundaries of at-home luxurious by making an attempt to place collectively Japan’s greatest residence senbero, or 1,000-yen (US$7.40) ingesting and snack session. However Mr. Sato doesn’t solely like stiff drinks, however candy treats too, and so at this time he’s forging a path into what, little question, will turn into a vibrant new a part of Japanese meals tradition: the senpafe, or “1,000-yen parfait.”

Mr. Sato began with a visit to the Tokyo Nerima department of Gyomu Tremendous, a budget-friendly grocery store recognized for its massive portions and low costs. There he procured a bathtub of azuki (candy pink beans) with condensed milk for 60 yen…

…some Tremendous Cup Tremendous Vanilla Ice Cream (90 yen)…

…a one-liter (33.8-ounce) tube of frozen whipped cream (268 yen)…

…a bag of frozen strawberries (288 yen)…

…a triple-pack of purin custard pudding (68 yen)…

…a bunch of bananas (128 yen)…

…a canned lemon bitter cocktail (78 yen)…

…and a pack of kishimen noodles (20 yen).

Add all of it up, and the pre-tax complete was 1,000 yen precisely!

You’re in all probability considering that cocktails and noodles aren’t precisely commonplace parfait elements, however no matter his finish aim is, we’ve discovered it’s simpler to sit down again and see the place Mr. Sato goes along with his extremely unorthodox strategies reasonably than attempt to discuss him out of them. As additional proof of that, the very very first thing Mr. Sato did when he acquired again from his buying journey was to vary into this outfit.

Sure, it appears that evidently making a senpafe is, to Mr. Sato, a sort of ninja magic, and so he wanted some jutsu-enhancing clothes to make his parfait actually shine. As for why fellow reporter Masanuki Sunakoma, who was alongside for the trip, was dressed this fashion, we weren’t actually positive, however we’ve solely acquired so many fancy outfits within the workplace to select from.

There’s, nevertheless, a cause why Masanuki was so stone-faced, however we’ll get to that in a while.

“OK, let’s get began!” Mr. Sato cheerfully introduced. “I do know what you’re considering. ‘Huh? Noodles in a parfait? That’s bizarre,’ however simply you wait and see!”

The noodles got here kind of half-cooked, so Mr. Sato put them on a plate, poured on somewhat water, then caught them within the microwave for a minute.

Then he rinsed them in chilly water, letting out a joyful squeal on the chilly sensation on this scorching summer time day.

▼ “Feeeeeeels so gooooood!”

In the meantime, Masanuki continued to glare at him from throughout the room.

Now it was time to truly begin placing the parfait collectively, and Mr. Sato had simply the suitable glass.

▼ Imagine it or not, this isn’t the most important piece of drinkware he owns.

▼ “Hey, Masanuki! Examine me out!”

▼ “It’s me, Squishy Sato!”

▼ “Take a look at my super-sized schnoz! Wahaha!”

We don’t know if this counts as buffoonery or tomfoolery, however both manner, Masanuki remained stoic by it. Finally, Mr. Sato put the glass down and added the ice cream.

So, we in all probability ought to have seen this coming, however Mr. Sato’s less-than-focused strategy to dessert preparation meant that by this time, the frozen elements had began melting, so, visually, we just about misplaced all hope for the challenge at this level.

Not that this actually instilled any sense of urgency in Mr. Sato.

▼ “Hey, the package deal says the whipped cream is ‘frozen’ (フローズン)! That jogs my memory of a track!”

▼ “You recognize, that half in “Think about” when John Lennon sings ‘Frozen all of the folks,’ proper?”

After pausing for a number of moments of awkward silence from Masanuki’s absolute non-reaction to his joke, Mr. Sato proceeded to pour a measure of whipped cream into the glass.

Subsequent got here the bananas.

Normally you’d lower these into smaller items, however with this a lot room to work with, Mr. Sato simply put them in entire, encircling the pile of ice and whipped cream.

Now it was time for the kishimen noodles.

We must always as soon as once more point out that no, in Japan noodles should not one thing most individuals put in parfaits. Really, we don’t suppose anybody however Mr. Sato has ever achieved this. Nonetheless, Japanese parfaits normally do embrace some sort of starchy stratum, like granola or corn flakes, and with solely 20 yen left in his 1,000-yen finances, the 20-yen kishimen pack was all Mr. Sato might afford for this part.

The purin puddings additionally put Mr. Sato in a musical temper, as he held them whereas singing a lyrically rearranged model of the well-known Lupin III anime theme track.

▼ “♪Purin, puriiiiiin!♪”

“Hey, Masanuki, did you simply snigger?” Mr. Sato excitedly requested as his coworker turned his face away for a quick second. When he regarded again, although, Masanuki was as sullenly silent as he’d been for your complete course of thus far.

Like all correct purin, these ones have a caramel sauce on prime. Mr. Sato was shocked, although, when the pudding flipped the other way up when he went to place it within the glass.

Truthfully, we didn’t suppose that made a lot of a distinction within the unbridled visible mess that was sitting contained in the glass, however Mr. Sato, craving symmetry in his sweets, now determined that all of the purin must be the other way up.

He failed at this too.

Grabbing the whipped cream tube once more, he created a conical swirl…

…added the strawberries…

…after which the azuki.

Then it was time to make use of up the final of the cream…

…crack open the canned lemon bitter, and pour that in too.

At this level, one thing outstanding occurred. Mr. Sato’s senpafe parfait…

…truly regarded good!

With it being too huge for a standard spoon, and “regular” not being an idea that had something to do with Mr. Sato’s targets anyway, he as a substitute grabbed a cooking ladle for tasting functions.

▼ He made positive to get some noodles within the portion he dished up for himself.

▼ “Right here I’m going!”

“Mmmmmm! It’s chilly and scrumptious!” Mr. Sato remarked. “And the noodles are sort of like shiratama mochi dumplings,” he added, that are one thing regular folks truly do put of their parfaits. “Not super-duper good, however they get the job achieved! So this senpafe is a hit!”

Once more, Masanuki remained unresponsive whereas Mr. Sato patted himself on the again with rising gusto. That’s when Mr. Sato had an concept.

▼ “Ahhhhh!”

▼ “I gotta inform Ahiru Neko about this!”

With that, Mr. Sato dashed off to the principle workplace to seize one other of his coworkers, since he all the time has a lot enjoyable with Ahiru Neko, like that point they blasted one another’s crotches with air and liquid.

“OK, what’s so vital that you just needed to present me?” requested Ahiru Neko, good-naturedly getting into the room after being pulled away from much less insane work. “Oh, hey Masanuki,” he mentioned, noticing him for the primary time. “Haha what’s with the outfit?”

Now, lastly, Masanuki spoke.

▼ “Ahiru Neko, you simply laughed, proper?”


See, unbeknownst to Ahiru Neko, this senpafe session was additionally a try-not-to-laugh-challenge, which is why Masanuki had been so stoic all through. The penalty for laughing was a kick within the butt, which is what Ahiru Neko now had coming to him.

You may suppose it’s unfair that the principles acquired prolonged to Ahiru Neko, seeing as how he wasn’t a part of the dialog when Mr. Sato and Masanuki had determined to play this recreation. What’s actually unfair, although, is that the kicks weren’t going to be administered by Mr. Sato or Masanuki, however by one other member of the workers, Go Hatori, whose passion is kickboxing.

▼ Go even had his combating trunks on for improved flexibility.

▼ “Haha I nonetheless don’t know what’s occurring, however you guys are all fairly humorous!”

After the kick, the 4 buddies shared what was left of the parfait.

“So, what do you suppose? Fairly good, huh? Utilizing kishimen noodles as a substitute of mochi dumplings was a sensible transfer, proper?” Mr. Sato requested.

▼ Go: “Utilizing kishimen like that is unsuitable.”
Masanuki: “Fallacious.”
Ahiru Neko: “Completely unsuitable.”

▼ “However, it tastes good if we’re all consuming it collectively, doesn’t it?”



Along with a swift kick within the bottom, Mr. Sato’s punishment for this culinary transgression was having to eat all of the remaining parfait by himself.

So is that this the top of his senpafe ambitions? We’re undecided, however we’re sure that he received’t be utilizing kishimen like this once more.

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