‘Metal Gear Solid’ VR Now Exists And It’s Both Awesome And Wrong


We are able to now play the primary sport within the MGS sequence in VR by way of Boneworks, an FPS that is large within the Digital Actuality modding group. The consequence completely slaps on a technical stage because the first-person mechanics actually deliver a complete new dimension to the stealth motion,

left is what he sees, proper is what we see, most likely.

however there’s one large caveat that the devs seemingly neglected. The sport’s very plot spends lots of time warning gamers in regards to the risks of VR simulation in lots of areas, however particularly relating to warfare. Fairly visionary stuff contemplating how only a few years after the discharge of Steel Gear Strong, the US authorities began utilizing drones to kill lots of people, drones whose interface seems to be one hell of quite a bit like a innocent navy online game. That sort of reminds us of how Unity, the second-biggest online game engine on this planet, is being overtly used for navy analysis, and the way the founding father of Occulus appears fairly giddy about utilizing his VR tech to energy precise loss of life machines. So yeah, regardless that this mod might be only a fully innocuous hell of lots of enjoyable, we will not assist however really feel some critical “torment nexus” vibes coming off of it.

We are able to obtain it on the completely coincidentally-named Boneworks Nexus.


High Picture: Konami

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