Leopold and Loeb: The Not So ‘Perfect’ Murder


Leopold Solved … Malaria?

Free from Loeb’s affect, Nathan Leopold appeared to enhance much more, taking on the college, reorganizing the jail library, and even providing himself up as a guinea pig for experiments in malaria therapies. Some believed these good deeds had been cynical bids for parole, however Jesus, he type of earned it.

Leopold’s Launch

(Confidential Journal/Wikimedia Commons)

Leopold did get paroled in 1958 and went on to reside a comparatively quiet life in Puerto Rico earlier than dying a comparatively outdated man of a comparatively regular coronary heart assault. He wrote a memoir in jail, however he shunned any try to “commerce on the notoriety” of his crimes, wishing solely to reside as a “humble little particular person.”

The Continued Relevance of Leopold and Loeb


(Dimension Movies)

Leopold and Loeb’s story was dramatized inside a decade by the 1929 play Rope, which grew to become a Hitchcock film in 1948, and as just lately as 2002 within the Sandra Bullock film Homicide By Numbers, by which a thinly veiled model of Dickie Loeb is performed method too handsomely by none aside from Ryan Gosling. Probably probably the most attention-grabbing homage, nonetheless, is the Scream franchise, which was kicked off by a pair of murderous teenage boys who had been clearly in all probability additionally kissing.

High picture: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-12794/CC-BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

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