‘I feel blessed to have this talent and to continue at 35. Hopefully I’m inspiring women’


SHELLY-ANN FRASER-PRYCE needs to proceed to encourage generations of girls after a fifth world 100m title.

The 35-year-old defended her 2019 crown at Hayward Subject on Sunday night.

She ran a championship document of 10.67 seconds, the sixth quickest time in historical past, forward of Jamaica team-mates Shericka Jackson and Elaine Thompson-Herah.

“I really feel blessed to have this expertise and to proceed to do it at 35, having a child, nonetheless going, and hopefully inspiring ladies that they will make their very own journey,” stated Fraser-Pryce, having returned after the delivery of her son Zyon in 2017 to turn out to be the oldest lady to assert a 100m world title in 2019.

“I can’t even think about the quantity of instances I’ve had setbacks and I’ve bounced again and I’m right here once more.

I proceed to remind myself that typically it’s not since you don’t have the power but it surely’s the fitting time. It was the fitting time and I’m so, so grateful for the continual help.

“That is the third 1-2-3 that I’ve been part of and I’m so excited. I used to be capable of come away with the win.”

Jackson, who’s favorite for the 200m, ran a private better of 10.73 seconds whereas five-time Olympic champion Thompson-Herah posted 10.81 seconds.

“I’m simply grateful. Final 12 months once I switched to the 100 meters, I used to be scared however I took my time and right here I’m,” added Jackson. “Feeling good to be a part of historical past and coming for extra.”

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Thompson-Herah added: “I’m grateful to be on the rostrum and to be a part of 1-2-3. I’m going to have to look at the replay to see if I executed the best way I can,” she stated.

“I’m glad to get my first (particular person world) 100m medal and be on the rostrum for the primary time. I’ve been working actually laborious though I had some struggles in the course of the season.”

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