How J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ Almost Ruined An Entire Town’s Economy


Though this film technically takes place in an alternate universe, and theoretically, Kirk’s mother may have made it again to Iowa in time to offer delivery, had been it not for the intervention of Romulan time travellers, of us in Riverside weren’t pleased. In keeping with studies on the time, residents had been “surprised” by the “disconcerting” movie. Some felt that Abrams “stripped the delivery of Captain Kirk away from our future,” additional arguing that the entire parallel universe enterprise “muddies the waters” of the franchise – including that “even Stephen Hawking doesn’t consider in time journey.” 

To be honest, Star Trek 2009 did embrace a number of scenes set in Iowa, together with one by which Kirk sees the Enterprise being constructed at a shipyard in Riverside. And as one, barely extra charitable Iowan identified that, at very least, the film didn’t explicitly contradict the supposition that Kirk was “conceived at Murphy’s Bar and Grill, beneath a pool desk.” 

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