House of the Dragon: Rhaenyra and Daemon return to King’s Landing after another huge time jump


Simply two episodes after a large 10-year time hole, HBO‘s Home of the Dragon has passed over but many extra years in Sunday evening’s eighth episode.

The brand new episode – entitled The Lord of the Tides – reveals that Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) has been ruling because the Hand of the King within the stead of the seemingly ailing Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine).

Evidently Princess Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) have had sufficient of the Hightowers assuming the throne, as they make plans to move to King’s Touchdown. 

Whereas the official synopsis reveals that 10 extra years have previous, Rhaenys (Eve Finest) mentions it has been six years since she’s seen her husband Corlys (Steve Toussaint). 

Ruling: The brand new episode – entitled The Lord of the Tides – reveals that Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) has been ruling because the Hand of the King within the stead of the seemingly ailing Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine)

King's Landing: It seems that Princess Rhaenyra (Emma D'Arcy) and Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) have had enough of the Hightowers assuming the throne, as they make plans to head to King's Landing

King’s Touchdown: Evidently Princess Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) have had sufficient of the Hightowers assuming the throne, as they make plans to move to King’s Touchdown

The episode begins with Rhaenys saying she hasn’t seen her husband in six years, as she speaks with Maester Kelvin (Haqi Ali)

‘He led his sailors into an ambush. A ship made to look as if it had been deserted. Within the preventing, his neck was slashed by a corsair’s dagger,’ Kelvin says.

‘He fell overboard into the ocean. The wound was extreme. A lot blood was misplaced. However the better concern is the fever that adopted. The ship’s maester stated he burns from inside,’ he added.

Whereas Corlys does not appear to be lifeless fairly but, it is likely to be only a matter of time, as Vaemond (Wil Johnson) wonders who will take the Driftwood throne.

Rhaenys says his phrases may very well be thought of treason although he wonders what’s going to turn out to be of the Velaryon household line.

The episode cuts again to Dragonstone the place Daemon retrieves dragon eggs, as he tells two males in Excessive Valyrian that Syntax bore three new eggs.

He tells the lads to put the eggs within the warming chambers, as they go away and comply with his orders.

Prince Jacaerys (Harry Collett) is practising his Excessive Valyrian, although he cannot fairly get the grasp of it but.

His mom Rhaenyra arrives and tells him, ‘I do not anticipate you to study Excessive Valyrian in a day, Jace,’ although he provides, ‘A king ought to honor the traditions of his forbears.’ 

‘Effectively… Until you are planning to depose your individual mom, you might have loads of time to review,’ she says as Daemon arrives.

She tells him that Otto Hightower, ‘means to name into query Luke’s legitimacy. And by extension Jace, and by extension my very own declare to the throne.’

They agree that Vaemond solely caress for Driftmark and never their politics however Laena has no love for them.

‘These vipers rule in my father’s identify. And my father– (sighs) What alternative do I’ve?’ she says as Daemon says, ‘To King’s Touchdown then.’

Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) is in the midst of a small council assembly when she’s instructed that Rhaenyra and Daemon have arrived.

They are saying that, ‘It was my understanding Lord Corlys wished for his grandson Lucerys to succeed him as Lord of the Tides,’ although they are saying, ‘The boy has been raised most of his life away from Driftmark. He can fly a dragon, sure, however can he command a fleet?’

Alicent goes to greet her company when she’s instructed by Ser Erryk that there’s a ‘delicate matter’ concerning the Prince.

Rhaenyra and Daemon goes to see Viserys – and it is clear he is close to the top – with a material over one eye and he is fairly weak.

Daemon says, ‘There’s a petition to resolve upon the succession of Driftmark and the inheritor to the Driftwood Throne.’

He tells her that Alicent and Otto, ‘see to all that enterprise now’ however they need Viserys to, ‘affirm your place for Lucerys to be Corlys Velaryon’s successor.

They introduce the King to his grandsons and say they’ve names match for a king.

In the meantime, Alicent goes and visits Dyana (Maddie Evans), who has, ‘discovered herself in some hassle,’ and it is clear she’s fairly shaken.

She says, ‘I used to be fetching the Prince his wine, and I put it on his desk, and once I turned– I did not see him. I requested him to cease, Your Grace. I did, really… You will need to imagine me.’

Alicent embraces her and says she does imagine her however thinks others won’t imagine her, insinuating she would possibly attempt to besmirch him.

‘I would not dream of respiratory one other phrase to anybody, Your Grace. I, I swear it on my life,’ Dyana says and Alicent says, ‘I do know you will not and palms her some gold, ‘in your troubles.

Some tea is introduced in for her by Talya (Alexis Raben)- probably the identical tea that terminated Rhaenyra’s being pregnant with Daemon when she was a baby.

‘It is best to make certain,’ Alicent says, ensuring she drinks the tea.

A livid Alicent goes to see Aegon, who remains to be sleeping, and when she tells him about Tayla he insists it was simply, ‘innocent enjoyable.’

She says he’s, ‘no son of mine’ however he says he by no means requested for any of this and he is tried to do every part she needed.

Alicent goes to see Rhaenyra and Daemon and Rhaenyra questions if there shall be judgment on her son’s inheritance.

Alicent says she is going to neglect concerning the allegations she has hurled this present day.

Outdoors Ser Criston (Fabien Frankel) is coaching with the one-eyed Aemond, who simply defeats Criston.

Criston says he shall be prepared for tournaments very quickly however he insists he does not care about tournaments.

He finds his nephews watching and asks if they’ve come there to coach. 

Rhaenyra goes to search out Rhaenys (Eve Finest), telling her, ‘I puzzled for a lot of an hour what your function was in coming right here. Whether or not you’d converse for or in opposition to the swimsuit introduced by Ser Vaemond. However then, I spotted… You plan to advocate for your self. That is no truthful continuing. It’s a lure set by the Queen and the Hand, I would wager, to proclaim my son illegitimate.’

Rhaenys provides, ‘But you probably did worse than that with Laenor. Did you not?’ although Rhaenyra insisted, ‘I liked your son.’  

‘It’s possible you’ll not imagine it to be true, however I did. I didn’t order his dying. Nor was I complicit in it. I swear this to you. I am going to make you a proposal. Again Luke’s declare, and allow us to betroth Laena’s youngsters to mine. Baela shall be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and her sons shall be heirs to the throne. Rhaena will rule in Driftmark, and… the seat will go to her and Lucerys’s youngsters in time.’

Rhaenys says it is, ‘A beneficiant supply…. or a determined one,’ although Rhaenyra sayss, ‘What does it matter?’

‘You might be proper on this, at the very least. It doesn’t matter. You possibly can cut price with me all you want.  Carry my granddaughter with you to melt my resolve. However tomorrow, the Hightowers land their first blow. They power you to your knees… And I need to stand alone,’ she says.

Rhaenyra goes to see her father at evening, asking if he believes the Music of Ice and Fireplace – the key about the way forward for the realm he instructed her all these years in the past.  

‘Aegon’s Dream. You instructed me it was our obligation to carry the realm united in opposition to a typical foe. By naming me inheritor, you divided the realm. I assumed I needed it. However the burden is a heavy one,’ she says.

She provides, ‘ If you want me to bear it, then defend me. And my youngsters,’ although Viserys can not converse, solely mutter uninteligently, which causes Rhaenyra to cry.

Later, Viserys tells Otto that he desires to have dinner along with his entire household on the Crimson Maintain and he desires them to all dine collectively.

The frail king moans in ache as he is being handled, as Otto tells the maesters to carry, ‘milk of the poppy.’

Otto is seen standing in entrance of the Iron Throne, as they deal with the succession of the Driftmark throne.

‘Although it’s the nice hope of this court docket that Lord Corlys Velaryon survive his wounds, we collect right here with the grim job of coping with the succession of Driftmark. As Hand, I converse with the King’s voice on this and all different issues. The crown will now hear the petitions,’ Otto says, with Ser Vaemond of Home Velaryon going first.

‘My Lord Hand. The historical past of our noble homes extends past the Seven Kingdoms to the times of Previous Valyria. For so long as Home Targaryen has dominated the skies, Home Velaryon has dominated the seas. When the Doom fell on Valyria, our homes turned the final of their variety,’ he begins.

‘Our forebearers got here to this new land, realizing that had been they to fail, it could imply the top to their bloodlines and their identify. I’ve spent my total life on Driftmark defending my brother’s seat. I’m Lord Corlys’s closest kin, his personal blood. The true, unimpeachable blood of Home Velaryon runs by way of my veins,’ he says,

Rhaenyra interrupts, ‘Because it does in my sons, the offspring of Laenor Velaryon. Should you cared a lot about your own home’s blood, Ser Vaemond, you wouldn’t be so daring as to supplant its rightful inheritor. No, you solely converse for your self -and in your personal ambition.’

Alicent cuts him off saying, ‘You’ll have likelihood to make your individual petition, Princess Rhaenyra. Do Ser Vaemond the courtesy of permitting his to be heard.’ 

Vaemond says, ‘What are you aware of Velaryon blood, Princess? I may reduce my veins and present it to you and you continue to would not acknowledge it. That is concerning the future and survival of my home, not yours. My Queen, my Lord Hand. This can be a matter of blood, not ambition.’

‘I place the continuation of the survival of my home and my line above all. I humbly put myself earlier than you as my brother’s successor… The Lord of Driftmark and Lord of the Tides,’ he concludes.

Otto says, ‘Princess Rhaenyra, you could now converse in your son, Lucerys Velaryon,’ as she begins, ‘If I’m to grace this farce with some reply, I’ll begin by reminding the court docket that almost 20 years in the past, on this very…’ because the doorways open and King Viserys slowly makes his solution to the Iron Throne, half of his face obscured by a gold plate.

‘I’ll sit the Throne as we speak,’ Viserys says as he drops the crown and Daemon involves his facet and helps him as much as the throne, inserting the throne on his head.

‘I need to admit my confusion. I don’t perceive why petitions are being heard underneath a settled succession,’ Viserys says.

He provides, ‘The one one current… Who would possibly supply keener perception into Lord Corlys’s needs is the Princess Rhaenys.’

‘It was ever my husband’s will that Driftmark go by way of Ser Laenor to his trueborn son… Lucerys Velaryon,’ Rhaenys says.

‘His thoughts by no means modified. Nor did my assist of him. As a matter of reality, the Princess Rhaenyra has simply knowledgeable me of her want to marry her sons Jace and Luke to Lord Corlys’s granddaughters, Baela and Rhaena. A proposal to which I heartily agree,’ Rhaenys says.

Viserys provides, ‘Effectively… The matter is settled. Once more. I hereby reaffirm Prince Lucerys of Home Velaryon as inheritor to Driftmark, the Driftwood Throne, and the following Lord of the Tides.

An angered Vaemond says, ‘You break regulation… And centuries of custom to put in your daughter as inheritor. But you dare inform me… Who deserves to inherit the identify Velaryon. No. I can’t permit it.’

‘Enable it? Don’t forget your self, Vaemond,’ Viserys says, although Daemond factors to Rhaenyra’s sons and says, ‘That’s no true Velaryon, and positively no nephew of mine.’ 

‘Lucerys is my true-born grandson. And also you… Are not more than the second son of Driftmark.

‘You… Could run your own home as you see match… However you’ll not resolve the way forward for mine. My home survived the Doom and a thousand tribulations moreover. And gods be damned… I can’t see it ended on the account of this– Her youngsters… Are bastards! And he or she… Is… A whore,’ he says, inflicting everybody to gasp.

‘I… May have your tongue for that,’ Viserys says, standing up and pulling out his dagger, however earlier than the King can take motion, Daemon cuts his head off.

‘He can hold his tongue,’ a smarmy Daemon says as they name to disarm him however Viserys says there shall be, ‘no want.’ 

Alicent says he should take one thing for the ache however he doesn’t need to ‘cloud’ his thoughts.

Rhaenys is instructed, ‘The physique shall be prepared for its return to Driftmark on the morrow, my girl. It’s possible you’ll want to go away the Silent Sisters to their work. It’s in poor health luck to look upon the face of dying.’

‘The Stranger has visited me extra occasions than I can depend, Grand Maester. I guarantee you… He cares little whether or not my eyes are open or closed,’ she says.

As Viserys requested, the complete household has gathered for dinner, telling them, ‘How good it’s… To see you all tonight…’

‘That is an event for celebration, it appears. My grandsons, Jace and Luke, will marry their cousins, Baela and Rhaena, additional strengthening the bond between our homes. A toast to the younger Princes… -And their betrothed,’ Viserys says.

Aegon jokes with Jace, ‘You may lastly get to lie with a girl,’ as Viserys says, ‘Allow us to toast as effectively Prince Lucerys… The long run Lord of the Tides.;

Aegon jokes, ‘You do know the way the act is completed, I assume? A minimum of in precept? The place to place your cock and all that.’

‘Let or not it’s, cousin. You possibly can play the jester if you want, -but maintain your tongue earlier than my betrothed,’ Jace says.

Viserys slowly will get to his ft and removes the gold plate over his face, exhibiting how his well being has declined.

Plate: Viserys slowly gets to his feet and removes the gold plate over his face, showing how his health has declined

Plate: Viserys slowly will get to his ft and removes the gold plate over his face, exhibiting how his well being has declined

‘It each gladdens my coronary heart and fills me with sorrow to see these faces across the desk. The faces most expensive to me in all of the world… But grown so distant from one another… Within the years previous,’ he says.

‘My very own face… Is now not a good-looking one… If certainly it ever was. However tonight… I want you to see me… As I’m. Not only a king… However your father. Your brother. Your husband… And your grandsire. Who could not, it appears… Stroll for for much longer amongst you. Allow us to now not maintain in poor health emotions in our hearts. The crown can not stand sturdy if the Home of the Dragon stays divided,’ he says.

‘However put aside your grievances. If not for the sake of the crown… Then for the sake of this previous man,’ he provides.

Faces: 'It both gladdens my heart and fills me with sorrow to see these faces around the table. The faces most dear to me in all the world... Yet grown so distant from each other... In the years past,' he says

Faces: ‘It each gladdens my coronary heart and fills me with sorrow to see these faces across the desk. The faces most expensive to me in all of the world… But grown so distant from one another… Within the years previous,’ he says

Rhaenyra stands and makes a toast to her former good friend Queen Alicent, stating, ‘I want to elevate my cup to Her Grace, the Queen.’  

‘I really like my father. However I need to admit that nobody has stood… Extra loyally by his facet than his good spouse. She has tended to him with… Unfailing devotion, love, and honor. And for that, she has my gratitude… And my apology,’ Rhaenyra says.

Alicent stands to make a toast, including, ‘Your graciousness strikes me deeply, Princess. We’re each moms… And we love our kids. We’ve extra in widespread than we typically permit. I elevate my cup to you… And to your own home. You’ll make a high-quality queen.’

Aegon goes to Jace’s betrothed, joking, ‘I, um… I remorse the frustration you’re quickly to undergo. However for those who ever want to know what it’s to be effectively glad, all it’s important to do is ask.’

This angers Jace as he slams his palms on the desk and stands up… however he calmly delivers a toast to Aegon.

‘To Prince Aegon and… Prince Aemond. We’ve not seen one another in years, however I’ve fond reminiscences of our shared youth. And as males, I hope we could but be buddies and allies. To you and your loved ones’s good well being, expensive uncles,’ he says, as Aegon says, ‘To you as effectively.’ 

King Viserys requires music and is having fun with himself briefly earlier than the ache takes maintain once more and he is carried again to his chambers, simply because the meals is introduced in.

Aemond stands and grabs his glass, providing a ‘remaining tribute’ to his nephews.

‘To the well being of my nephews: Jace… Luke… And Joffrey. Every of them good-looking, sensible… Hm… Robust.’

He provides, ‘Allow us to drain our cups to those three… -Robust boys,’ although Jace provides, ‘I dare you to say that once more.’

They’re all restrained earlier than a full brawl breaks out, as Alicent asks Aemond, ‘ Why would you say such a factor earlier than these folks?’ 

‘I used to be merely expressing how proud I’m of my household, Mom. MM, although it appears my nephews aren’t fairly as pleased with theirs,’ he says.

Rhaenyra tells them to, ‘Go to your quarters. All of you go, now,’ earlier than Alicent comes to talk together with her.

‘It is best, I feel, if we return to Dragonstone,’ Rhaenyra says, although Alicent says, ‘You’ve got solely simply arrived. Let me see the kids dwelling.’

Rhaenyra says, ‘I am going to, um… Return on dragonback,’ and Alicent says, ‘The King and I might each like that. 

Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno) – Daemon’s former mistress – is seen for the primary time since Episode 4… and it is revealed that the handmaiden Talya is her informant, updating her on every part that has been occurring in King’s Touchdown.

Alicent goes to test on King Viserys, who appears to mistake her for his daughter Rhaenyra.

‘However you needed to know… If I imagine it to be true. Aegon…  His Dream. The Music of Ice… And Fi– It’s true. What he noticed within the North. The Prince That Was Promised,’ he says,’ however Alicent says, ‘I do not perceive, Viserys.’

‘The Prince. Prince Aegon? To unite the realm in opposition to the chilly… And the darkish. It’s you. You’re the one. You will need to do that. You will need to do that,’ he says.

‘I perceive, my King,’ she says earlier than leaving the King in his mattress… as his respiratory grows an increasing number of tiresome…  lastly uttering, ‘My love,’ earlier than his breath stops… King Viserys has died because the eighth episode involves an finish. 

The preview for subsequent week’s penultimate episode confirms the King has died, as Alicent reveals she took Viserys’ deathbed admission to imply he desires their son Aegon to take the Iron Throne.

Otto is seen telling somebody that, ‘Nobody can know who you’re or what you search,’ whereas Larys Robust (Matthew Needham) tells somebody that he came upon one thing that individual ought to know.

Rhaenys is heard saying, ‘Have you ever by no means imagined your self on the Iron Throne?’ because the preview involves an finish.

The ninth episode of Home of the Dragon debuts Sunday, October 16 with the season finale airing Sunday, October 23 on HBO. 

Grave: The trailer for this week's episode also teased that Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint), a.k.a. The Sea Snake, has suffered a grave wound while battling in the Stepstones

Grave: The trailer for this week’s episode additionally teased that Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint), a.okay.a. The Sea Snake, has suffered a grave wound whereas battling within the Stepstones

Title: The episode's title itself - The Lord of the Tides - is interesting since it was mentioned in the previous episode

Title: The episode’s title itself – The Lord of the Tides – is fascinating because it was talked about within the earlier episode

Renewed: House of the Dragon has already been renewed for a second season, though there already has been a creative shake-up with co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik not returning for Season 2

Renewed: Home of the Dragon has already been renewed for a second season, although there already has been a inventive shake-up with co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik not returning for Season 2

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