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Grilled eggplant

Eggplant (additionally referred to as brinjal, aubergine, baingan, melanzana and bademjan in among the international locations the place it is eaten) is one among my favourite greens to barbecue as a result of it’s so completely suited to the grill. It’s a sturdy vegetable that holds up fantastically to the rigorous warmth. Higher, that warmth causes the flesh of the eggplant to prepare dinner up splendidly tender and smooth and candy. The eggplant slices take in any flavors you add to it — and the great smoky flavors from the grill — like a sponge.
I’ve a easy trick for you that can be sure that the eggplant just isn’t bitter in any respect: brine. Simply soak the eggplant in it for about half-hour earlier than you grill it, which is able to draw out any bitterness. Then dip it within the infused basil oil, which I shared with you latterly, or in any mixture of oil and herbs of your alternative, earlier than throwing it on the grill for the yummiest eggplant, or grilled meals, you ever ate.

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