Disney’s ‘Big Thunder Mountain’ Backstory Is Shockingly Creepy


Apparently, the premise of the Frontierland coaster includes an offended Indigenous spirit protector who, just like the mountain itself, is known as “Large Thunder” – and who has punished the Western settlers of the gold mining city of Tumbleweed for his or her “desecration of the mountain.”  The concept is that Large Thunder destroyed the mines “inflicting the residents to flee” (therefore the abandoned city you go by on the finish) and now, apparently, the mine is haunted, with the trains that you just (and certain your whole household) are driving are mysteriously “possessed.” Yeah, fairly tousled for an exercise which will have preceded sitting in an enormous twirling pink teacup.

It one way or the other will get even grimmer; in line with one account of the backstory, Large Thunder was extra-pissed on the miners for holding poker video games and celebrating with “parlor ladies” on the sacred website, which can be an Indigenous “Burial Floor.” Yup, this experience is secretly about colonization, genoicde and vengeful paranormal entities. Which looks as if a reasonably tousled, doubtlessly wildly insensitive, place to begin for a household blockbuster, except it’s a kid-friendly remake of The Shining

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Thumbnail: Wikimedia Commons/Harsh Gentle/deror_avi

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