Before ‘Star Wars’ And ‘Snyder Cuts,’ Sherlock Holmes Created Toxic Fans


Conan Doyle seemingly regretted having Holmes tumble off of a waterfall slightly than, say, getting unambiguously disemboweled by a grizzly bear as a result of followers instantly demanded that the author carry Holmes again. They wore black armbands as if an actual particular person had died, and The Strand Journal, by which Holmes’ adventures have been printed, “misplaced 20,000 subscribers.”

Conan Doyle was primarily bullied into writing extra Holmes tales; he was “verbally abused, and followers “denounced him as a brute and demanded that he resuscitate their hero.” He additionally acquired “loss of life threats” from “outraged readers,” and there was even a report of a girl attacking Conan Doyle on the road with an umbrella. 

So actually, our present technological panorama has simply amplified one thing that’s all the time been current; when a piece of fiction is overwhelmingly well-liked, a sure section of followers will really feel self-entitled and emboldened to be raging assholes if the tales they get don’t align with their expectations. And not less than Sherlock Holmes died battling his arch-enemy and didn’t, say, burn Westeros to the bottom

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