Baker uncovers ‘genius’ method to peel your banana


An Australian baker has shared her ‘revolutionary’ discovery concerning the appropriate option to peel a banana along with her followers – and left lots of them astonished.

Tigga Maccormack, who relies in Melbourne, took to TikTok on August 7 to clarify why she now not peels her bananas from the ‘onerous stem’ finish first.

‘Most individuals peel a banana from this finish,’ she mentioned, pointing to the sharpest level of the fruit. ‘However it’s really higher to peel it from this finish’.

‘You understand how it does not break correctly on the pointy finish? Nicely if you happen to peel from the opposite finish you actually simply begin it from the black root and it breaks away a lot simpler. So everybody, peel your bananas from the underside.’

'Most people peel a banana from this end,' she said, pointing to the sharpest point of the fruit. 'But it's actually better to peel it from this end'

Tigga Maccormack, who relies in Melbourne, took to TikTok on August 7 to clarify why she now not peels her bananas from the ‘onerous stem’ finish first

One unbelieving fan replied to the footage with: ‘Nah the stem half is less complicated it is by no means damaged for me except the banana is like rotten’.

However one other mentioned: ‘I squeeze the underside and it pops proper open and peels straightforward’.

A 3rd added: ‘Monkeys really open their bananas from “the underside” too! I have been doing this since I used to be little after I learn/heard about it at school!’

Earlier this 12 months scientists defined how one can decelerate the pure technique of brown spots forming in your banana with just a little assist from the oxygen round us. 

The scientists produced a brand new methodology of simulating spot patterns on bananas, which provides new perception into how the world’s hottest fruit browns over time. 

Stopping banana peels from going brown may very well be the important thing to reducing down meals waste, in keeping with the research authors. 

One unbelieving fan replied to the footage with: 'Nah the stem part is easier it's never broken for me unless the banana is like rotten'

One unbelieving fan replied to the footage with: ‘Nah the stem half is less complicated it is by no means damaged for me except the banana is like rotten’

Banana peels hold the key to reducing tons of food waste. A new study explains the browning of this household staple

Banana peels maintain the important thing to lowering tons of meals waste. A brand new research explains the browning of this family staple


A banana begins as a deep inexperienced earlier than altering to a scrumptious yellow and (if it’s not eaten beforehand) an unappetising brown. 

However what causes this color change, and what makes a banana go from inexperienced all the way in which to the darkish facet? Because it seems, bananas are just a little too gaseous for their very own good.

Bananas, like most fruits, produce and react with an airborne hormone known as ethylene that helps to sign the ripening course of. 

A fruit that’s unripened is tough, is extra acidic than it’s sugary, and sure has a greenish hue because of the presence of chlorophyll, a molecule present in crops that’s necessary in photosynthesis. 

When a fruit comes into contact with ethylene fuel, the acids within the fruit begin to break down, it turns into softer, and the inexperienced chlorophyll pigments are damaged up and changed – within the case of bananas, with a yellow hue. 

Nevertheless, in contrast to most fruits, which generate solely a tiny quantity of ethylene as they ripen, bananas produce a big quantity. 

Whereas a banana at first of the ripening course of would possibly grow to be sweeter and switch yellow, it would ultimately overripen by producing an excessive amount of of its personal ethylene. 

Excessive quantities of ethylene trigger the yellow pigments in bananas to decay into these attribute brown spots. 

This pure browning course of can be noticed when fruits grow to be bruised.

 A broken or bruised banana will produce a fair greater quantity of ethylene, ripening (and browning) quicker than if undamaged. 

Supply: Encyclopaedia Britannica

Annually, 50 million tons of bananas find yourself as meals waste, in keeping with lead research writer Oliver Steinbock at Florida State College. 

‘For 2019, the full manufacturing of bananas was estimated to be 117 million tons making it a number one crop on this planet,’ Steinbock mentioned. 

‘When bananas ripen, they type quite a few darkish spots which can be acquainted to most individuals and are sometimes used as a ripeness indicator. 

‘Nevertheless, the method of how these spots are shaped, develop, and their ensuing sample remained poorly understood, till now.’ 

Each the peel and the pulp of bananas are topic to browning, resulting from totally different scientific processes. 

The flesh of many fruits flip brown once they’re reduce into and never instantly eaten – not simply bananas, however apples too.

This occurs as a result of enzymes within the flesh react to oxygen within the air – a course of generally known as enzymic browning. 

However banana skins additionally progressively go brown whereas the fruit is sitting within the fruit bowl ready to be eaten. 

It’s because banana skins comprise a fuel known as ethylene, which breaks down chlorophyll, the chemical that retains crops inexperienced.

The brown color comes from darkish pigments together with melanin, which is present in human hair and pores and skin.

In bananas, these pigments type when oxygen reacts with pure chemical compounds known as phenols within the peel. 

As a banana turns into browner and browner, a lot of the starch is transformed into sugars, making it a superb pure supply of sweetness. 

Regardless of this, the general public is susceptible to throwing brown bananas away, regardless that they’re nonetheless edible and splendid to be used in baking recipes. 

For the research, the researchers used a mixture of time lapse movies and a pc mannequin to disclose how banana brown spots evolve. 

The group’s laptop mannequin was used to contemplate the oxygen focus and browning diploma of the peel within the movies. 

Oxygen from the air enters the peel at tiny holes known as stomata, which explains why tiny spots type and unfold, somewhat than the entire pores and skin going brown uniformly.

Photos show the development of the brown spots. Time between each of the photos is a single day

Pictures present the event of the brown spots. Time between every of the images is a single day

‘The banana peel has a waxy outer layer that – if intact – does an excellent job in holding the oxygen out,’ Steinbock advised MailOnline. ‘The outcomes are brown spots on a yellow peel. 

‘Very, very slowly, nonetheless, oxygen ultimately enters the peel all over the place, so {that a} actually previous banana is totally brown.’ 

Researchers discovered the spots seem and quickly broaden earlier than their progress mysteriously stalls – all inside two days. 

‘Our outcomes recommend strongly that the tiny holes within the centre of the brown spots collapse,’ Steinbock mentioned.

‘In doing so, they re-seal the peel, reduce off the oxygen influx, and consequently the spot progress stalls.’ 

Researchers produced a new method of simulating spot patterns on bananas, providing new insight into how this fruit browns over time

Researchers produced a brand new methodology of simulating spot patterns on bananas, offering new perception into how this fruit browns over time

Stopping the browning course of may very well be achieved with genetic modifications, or higher storage situations, akin to particular containers with low oxygen ranges. 

One other potential safety mechanism for bananas is a skinny coating to forestall oxygen from the air coming into the peel at its tiny holes. 

Opposite to perception, a fridge is mostly not a fantastic place to place bananas in after they have been introduced again from the outlets. 

After we place unripe bananas which can be nonetheless a bit inexperienced within the fridge, the flesh will not ripen in any respect however the pores and skin will go black. 

Placing ripe bananas within the fridge will assist them keep ripe (versus turning into overripe) for just a few further days, nonetheless. 

The brand new research has been printed within the journal Bodily Biology.


An eight-year research of 5,600 women and men over 65 discovered these with the least potassium of their weight loss program had been 1.5 occasions extra prone to have a stroke than these with essentially the most. 

Because the banana is a helpful supply of potassium, it may possibly assist to cut back the danger of a stroke in previous age.

Different potassium-rich meals are lentils, oranges and avocados. 

Researchers on the Queen’s Medical Centre in Hawaii outlined low potassium consumption as lower than

2.4 grams per day and excessive consumption as greater than 4 grams per day.

In Britain, the advisable each day dose is 3.5g.

Strokes are one in all Australia’s greatest killers and a number one explanation for incapacity, whereas it is the third greatest killer within the UK. 

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