Articles written by: Alfredo Boyd

Kurdistan: A changing land in a region that resists change

Kurdistan is in many ways an anomaly. It is one of the most progressive spaces in the Middle East, in its attitudes toward women, in terms of religious tolerance, in social diversity and more. Yet it is surrounded by far more conservative neighbors whose influence over the region is often malign and sometimes worrying. We should start by celebrating. Kurdistan’s […]

Clean streets will not guarantee the future of Jerusalem

When our family first made aliyah some 30 years ago, we came straight to Jerusalem. For us, Zion was Jerusalem. This is where we headed. This is where we stayed. Teddy Kollek was still mayor and the issue of a united Jerusalem was very much the agenda. It still is. Be the first to know – Four mayors have come […]

The 1973 War: Comparing the Hebrew and Arabic Wikipedia entries

It is the Yom Kippur War for Israelis. It is the October (Tishrin), Ramadan or Freedom War for the Egyptians. Fought 45 years ago, it retains an importance in both societies far beyond many other wars. In Israel, the 1973 War is a source of both contention and pride; in Egypt it is a source of pride, and even more […]

Grapevine: Enhanced Learning

Not so long ago, children with learning disabilities could not be properly diagnosed, and therefore could not be helped. Along came Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, a clinical development and cognitive psychologist, whose theory of intelligence says that nothing in the brain is fixed and that everything can be modified. On the basis of this belief, he developed a method that enables […]

A jewel in Brazil

Before going to Brazil, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Orly Portal didn’t know exactly how to prepare. She was about to visit the country for the first time, was about to meet with a dance company whose work she knew little about and was about to create a new work with five of that company’s dancers, whom she had never seen […]

Walking (and laughing) on Holy Air

In the new film Holy Air, Shady Srour, a Christian writer/director/actor from Nazareth, has managed to achieve what might seem impossible: To mine the story of an Arab living in Israel and find the laughs there, as well as some pathos and pain.  This very funny, highly satirical film works because it is about one particular person, Adam (Srour). Adam […]

Gusto’s come on

Gusto realized he was destined to sing for his supper when he was just about knee-high to a grasshopper.  “We were at the synagogue, and everybody was singing piyutim (liturgical songs), when my father said, ‘Go on, it’s your turn.’ That’s when I thought I must have a decent voice.” Considering Gusto – which is his stage name, his real […]