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Antonio Guillamón (Murcia, 78 years previous) relates that, when he redirected his scientific work from the research of the sexual differentiation of the mammalian mind to gender id, his curiosity “was not aimed toward transgender individuals.” “I wished to check trans individuals [those who perceive an inconsistency between their physical features and the gender they feel they belong to] and cisgender individuals [those in whom the physical features match the perceived identity] to grasp the matter of id, as a result of it will be a bit dim to say: ‘Let’s see what’s going on with the transgender individuals’ once we don’t know what’s going on with the cisgender individuals both,” explains this professor emeritus from the Nationwide College of Distance Training (UNED) in Madrid.

Guillamón lately revealed the outcomes of years of analysis within the e-book Identidad de Género. Una aproximación psicobiológica (Gender Identification. A psychobiological method). There, amongst different information, he consists of an estimate of trans individuals throughout the inhabitants: about 4.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, in line with European information. Even supposing they’re few, their actuality causes opposing positions and even political debates. The scientist is conscious of the distinctiveness of his topic of research, even when he approached it with the identical disposition that he has utilized to different scientific issues throughout his profession.

Each in his e-book and through the dialog, he exhibits that he doesn’t need to settle a debate and has a real curiosity in understanding. “Science shouldn’t be dogmatic. I suggest a concept after which another person can show that it’s not true, and I’ll cease defending it,” he says. Nonetheless, he provides, “dogmatism abounds in politics and in social teams.” Relating to society usually and the acceptance of trans individuals, Guillamón believes that “we’re within the technique of humanization, and a part of the humanization is the acceptance of distinction.” “What radically makes us absolutely human is accepting variation, variability and distinction, all with the identical dignity. That’s the moral path that lies forward,” he concludes.

Query. What are the principle findings offered within the e-book?

Reply. We noticed that there’s a differentiation within the mind that prepares us to accommodate a picture that takes from what society provides. Gender id is a continuum by which extremes predominate. There are two massive fashions, male or feminine, and an individual adjusts to 1 or the opposite. In only a few instances, there’s an inconsistency between the organic intercourse and the mannequin, however within the instances by which it happens, we now have noticed that there are mind variations in cis and trans males and cis and trans ladies.

Prenatal genes and hormones put together the mind for the event of the totally different gender identities, and girls and boys have stereotyped behaviors from a younger age. Along with the publicity to testosterone throughout puberty, boys have a better publicity to this hormone throughout gestation, in addition to a sort of mini-puberty in which there’s one other peak of testosterone through the first three months after start. All these variations situation the gender id by which an individual will match. Gender id shouldn’t be one thing that you just select. For those who’re fortunate, you possibly can select what to eat, however you possibly can’t select whether or not you’re hungry or not. One thing as central to us because the id shouldn’t be one thing you select. That is additionally confirmed by the failure of conversion therapies.

Q. However there are individuals, like Israeli researcher Daphna Joel, who deny the existence of a male or feminine mind.

A. Joel says that there are overlapping traits, that the mind is a mosaic. However a mind will likely be extra masculine or extra female. There are not any qualitative variations between women and men, aside from one which is essential: the existence of the Y chromosome, and the existence of a gene on that chromosome, SRY, which differentiates the testicles and all the things they produce. There is just one qualitative distinction, however it exists, and that SRY gene can also be expressed within the mind.

Even when, as Joel says, it’s one thing of a mosaic, ultimately there are three quantitative prospects within the constructions of the mind. Male over feminine, feminine over male, or no distinction. It’s the profile of all these measurements what in the end makes somebody really feel like a person or a girl. We lately revealed variations in mind connectivity. How info is unfold in a thousand mind nodes and the way this communication varies in brief durations of time. Now we have discovered 4 totally different teams of connectivity: cis and trans males and cis and trans ladies. The identical 4 teams that we described at a structural degree and had been confirmed by a latest analytical research.

Q. There are exceptional information offered within the e-book, such because the distinction between trans males in Europe, who’re 2.6 per 100,000, and trans ladies, who’re 6.8 per 100,000.

A. Now we have seen these variations in numerous nations at totally different occasions. The reality is that we don’t know what is going on proper now. Speculating, on one hand there are social modifications, as a result of in any case id is set by a organic matter, however we adapt to the fashions that society provides us, and there’s extra flexibility as we speak. However, additionally, I imagine that industrial exercise has altered our surroundings on this sense too. Now we have many polluting substances that have an effect on the estrogen receptors, the androgen receptors, the metabolism of intercourse steroids.

Gender id, for most individuals, is shaped through the first two or three years of life; however this adaptation doesn’t need to be linear. There are individuals who attain puberty and nonetheless aren’t very effectively outlined. As Dutch researchers have seen, a major proportion of boys who attain puberty saying they’re ladies, or vice versa, later desists. Afterwards, they turn into conscious of being gay individuals, content material with their id. Some attain puberty with out having beforehand consolidated their id, and generally id is confused with sexual orientation.

Q. In Spain, are there many individuals who obtain a gender-affirming therapy after which again down?

A. To date, because of the Gender Identification Models of public hospitals, not many have desisted. When somebody arrives on the unit with anxiousness and despair, a specialised psychiatrist analyzes if it’s a response to a scenario of misery, seeing that they really feel like a girl and have the physique of a person or vice versa, or if it’s a bipolar despair or a schizophrenia that ought to need to be handled first. If it’s a reactive case, it goes on to therapy. However in case you suppress that analysis course of, the opportunity of making a mistake is increased. Now, with the brand new regulation in Spain, it will be the household physician, or an unspecialized endocrinologist who treats diabetes or ldl cholesterol, the one who virtually makes these choices on demand. I believe that the thought of depathologizing prevails over well being. We are able to predict that there will likely be extra transgender individuals desisting within the coming years.

As for the matter of depathologization, what occurs is that transgender individuals appear to be proof against all of the psychological pathologies that cisgender individuals have. Not all the things is minority stress. The issue is that now an individual says: “I need this,” they usually have to provide it to them, however they don’t assist them to see whether it is one thing major or reactive.

Q. When ought to gender-affirming therapies be began?

A. For those who knew for sure {that a} boy that’s 10 to 12 years previous could be secure in his want to be a woman for the remainder of his life (or vice versa) what’s finest is that the hormonal therapy begins with puberty blockers; then all the things would work out completely. However there isn’t a certainty in that, and the kid has rights. The medical and moral choice to provide a blocker falls on mother and father and medical doctors. There are actions towards blocking, as a result of as a lot as you clarify to an 11-year-old child that the blocker can have vital results on their physique – which, in addition to, aren’t recognized – it’s tough for them to grasp. At the moment, I solely see one answer: specialists with scientific expertise within the matter.

Q. Are gender-affirming therapies protected?

A. After puberty, hormonal therapy with testosterone (transgender boys) or estradiol (transgender ladies) shouldn’t be innocent; like several therapy, it could possibly have adversarial results. Within the mind, for instance, we see enlarged ventricles. The primary research on the results of hormonal therapies on the mind dates from 2006. We did a second, broader research in 2014, which we revealed within the Journal of Sexual Drugs, and we provided an explanatory speculation. Within the case of androgenization for a trans man, what occurs is identical factor that happens with the muscular tissues when one takes an anabolic, the identical anabolic and anti-catabolizing results of the androgens in the remainder of the physique occur within the mind. In feminization, what we observe is that, because the thickness of the cerebral cortex and subcortical nuclei lower, the ventricles develop. We lately confirmed that this occurs as a result of estradiol impacts water metabolism within the cerebral cortex, not as a result of the neurons shrink. We research the results of the therapy with the intention to enhance look after transgender individuals. Now we have proposed {that a} mind scan be included within the protocols each two years.

What completely nothing is thought about is the therapy of kids with blockers on the mind. Now we have simply been granted a ministry mission to review them.

Q. How is that this attainable? Pharmacological therapies require realizing what is going to occur in the long run.

A. There’s a magic phrase that states that the therapy is fairly protected. It was mentioned by Dr. Louis Gooren, a really skilled Dutch endocrinologist. You see transgender individuals in good well being, however there are not any long-term research to know the way they age or what impact some modifications we now have noticed have within the mind. There may be an article by which a therapy of this sort is linked to meningiomas, however there hasn’t been a basic trial of what the therapy is like. In kids from the age of 11 or 12, puberty blockers are administered with the intention to suppress gender dysphoria, when that is thought of essential. Blockers are administered, however for a restricted time.

Q. Does the change in laws have an effect on how therapies are approached?

A. In Spain the laws has been modified, and the autonomous communities have modified the care procedures for transgender individuals. To my information, in none of them, no matter whether or not they had been proper or left wing, the Gender Models that these governments created have been consulted. In Spain, there are models which might be worldwide leaders. The one in Malaga, which was the primary, with Dr. Isabel Esteva, an endocrinologist, who launched the therapies. Others had been later created in the beginning of the century: the Hospital Clínic, in Barcelona; in Madrid, the Ramón y Cajal Hospital; in Seville, in Bilbao, in Zaragoza, in Valencia, and extra. These models have supported depathologization. However these specialists (endocrinologists, psychologists, psychiatrists) haven’t been requested something in any respect and, as of 2019, they’d already handled 9,000 individuals.

Q. Are the politicians not enthusiastic about listening to the scientists?

A. The world of politics strikes with the preconceived concept that all the things is social and that relating to gender id, it’s the individual’s selection. The concept that one chooses as a volitional act remains to be rooted within the minds of the ruling class and the mental influencers. However there’s an interplay between the social and the organic, and there’s something as vital because the self, which is a gendered self. There’s a lack of information of gender id, each from a organic and a social perspective. One clings to genes and genitalia and the opposite to the atmosphere as shapers of id. Nonetheless, id is the consequence of a really complicated course of involving genes, gonads, hormones, the mind, and the pre- and postnatal atmosphere. It can’t be defined from the fringes, however from an total view. It must be seen as a course of. That’s what our group’s analysis results in, and what I focus on within the e-book.

Q. There may be the concept we’re a clear slate on which something will be written…

A. I’d ask them to show that such a mind clear slate exists. That isn’t attainable when you may have three phases of testosterone motion from the second trimester of being pregnant to puberty. That influences not solely the mind however the complete genome, and it creates an epigenome, figuring out which genes are going to be expressed and that are going to be inhibited. In a collaborative research between the schools of A Coruña, Ghent and the UNED, we now have proven variations in DNA methylation between cis and transgender populations in a collection of genes, a few of them associated to growth. We’re not a clean slate at start. Not solely is it not clean; we might not even exist because the species that we’re if we had been a clean slate at start. Darwin wouldn’t make sense. The social atmosphere impacts, to start with, facilitating fashions by which we’re going to match, however we’re not ranging from scratch. Kids at start don’t begin from scratch.

Q. Why is it so painful to expertise that contradiction between what one feels and what one sees within the mirror?

A. It’s greater than feeling. It’s the cognitive-emotional consciousness of being a person or a girl. It’s the self. The self is a gendered self. It’s not an summary id. Thus far, we now have all the time been instructed about an summary self. However that self has been shaped with the notion of 1’s personal physique and in relation in time and area with different our bodies and with the masculine and female type of the physique. The contradiction comes from a rejection of the genitalia in transgender ladies and of the breasts in transgender males. This produces struggling. Household and social rejection, the stigma that results in minority stress, aggravates this struggling.

Q. Why can’t they get used to seeing themselves in these our bodies?

A. The development of the self is shaped by the notion of 1’s personal physique; we want a cerebral self-representation of the physique, additionally in relation to different our bodies and what they do. What I believe, which I’ve proposed in our publications, is that there are variations within the differentiation of the cerebral cortex that make the genitalia seem incongruous in transgender individuals. And this isn’t pathology, however it causes struggling if it’s not understood by everybody.

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