A Definitive Ranking Of The 15 Coolest Bugs


Murderer Bug


The second this little man obtained a reputation, they rocketed to the highest of the cool listing. Murderer is without doubt one of the coolest professions, and phrases, round. And simply when all people was forgetting how cool they have been, we obtained John Wick to remind us. The title is deserved too, as a result of this dope little nightmare injects its prey with a toxin that liquefies its insides after which it sucks them out like they’re a lil’ field of coconut water. Dope.

Cuckoo Wasp


Cuckoo Wasps test each field wanted to put excessive on the Cool Bug Checklist. First off: cool title. It seems like a nickname a mentally unhinged boxer might need. Second: Appears to be like cool. This stuff are blue and iridescent and customarily appear like they’d drop uncommon loot when you killed them in an RPG. Third: doesn’t sting me and provides me ouchies like common wasps. Look, sorry I hit your nest with a brick however you guys are overreacting!

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