4 Players Who Became Legends Of Wholesomeness


The low-level Bard that out-trolled high-level trolls

The Participant: Only a man who entered an unfair world and determined to repair it with music (and loopholes and killer giants).

The Legend: No, this isn’t a fantasy story the place somebody makes use of the magical energy of music to make monsters and males put their variations apart. That is a lot better: a story the place somebody makes use of music to get monstrous males killed.

Upon getting into the Sullon Zek server in Everquest, “Fansy The Well-known Bard” shortly realized that the entire thing was fairly unfair. As an alternative of a harmonious land, he discovered a hellscape the place all low-level gamers that tried to be good shortly realized that they had been not more than prey for higher-level griefers. That was terrible, however what may one do exterior of stealing the griefers’ accounts to get them to combat each other? Nicely, Fansy conjured a plan that was much more contrived but additionally rather more enjoyable. He turned conscious that earlier than reaching stage 6, he was proof against higher-level gamers’ assaults as long as he did not instantly assault them. He additionally realized that regardless of being stronger than everybody, sand giants weren’t quicker than Fansy – and Fansy alone. This presumably impressed our bard to anger the sand giants along with his cowl of the 2001 equal of Child Shark after which run in the direction of the stronger-but-slower griefers. 


He wasn’t instantly attacking the high-level gamers, so his technique was utterly authorized on this lawless land.

He killed so many individuals that the high-level griefers who performed on that server as a result of it had no guidelines bothered the mods into creating some god rattling guidelines towards the sort of griefing that did not favor the mighty. Nothing to learn into this one.

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