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Fruit Sacrifices Of India And Nepal

India, Nepal, and a few related areas have a good time their most sacred festivities with slaughter. However there’s excellent news, I quote, as some Durga Puja committees not supply patha bali on Maha Ashtami, regardless that worshiping Durga requires incorporating bali in puja, to respect Durga’s shakti. I didn’t make any of that up, nor am I “trippin,” or mistranslating historic Warhammer lore. It means much less animals are dying to supplicate spiritual schmucks’ penis envy needlessly (in keeping with this Freud.wiki I simply discovered), and it’s a begin.  

Durga Puja is a 10-day Hindu pageant that celebrates the Mom Goddess and protector, Durga, utilizing her shakti (energy) within the kicking of the ass of the buffalo-demon Mahishasura, who was being a dick to lesser, cowering gods. 

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I hope this picture clears up any confusion.

Or, to place it in phrases that do not depend on aged Hindu cosmology, this is a GoldenEye multiplayer analogy: Mahishasura is that good friend who picks Oddjob, and Durga is the equal of punching him within the arm or dick IRL till he switches to Valentin. Klobbs solely, bro. 

And so, the Hindus yearly have a good time The Switching of Valentin by way of Durga Puja, a pageant that features all of the hallmarks and, dare I say, festivities of a pageant. Together with ritual animal murders. However some celebrants are switching from sacrificing animals to sacrificing pumpkins, cucumbers, sugarcane, and many others. 

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Comparable replacements abound in Nepal throughout Dashain, a 15-day pageant and Nepal’s most revered vacation. It is Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Honda-thon rolled into one gloriously cathartic explosion of colours and odors. Besides one factor is not so superb: the animal sacrifices of Dashain that present the hallowed meat, prasad, that is half and parcel of any celebration. Equal to the smokestack-blackened pigeons that present blessed meats for Western venerations of our Lord, Mr. Peanut, throughout the sacred week of Cheesecake Manufacturing unit “Pasta-Palooza” or the Yankee Candle “5% Off Discontinued Scents” holy month.

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