25 Facts About Aliens And Outer Space


This planet would have been 5 occasions greater, then a collision blasted most of it away

5. We used to suppose one other planet orbited between the Solar and Mercury. 

We referred to as it Vulcan, and its identify lives on in Star Trek lore. 

6. NASA scientists designed the spaceships in 2001: A House Odyssey

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7. We have been so certain Martians existed, we excluded them from a contest. 

An 1890 content material supplied massive cash to whoever contacted one other planet … apart from Mars, as a result of Mars was too simple, everybody knew aliens lived on Mars. 

8. Radiation might have saved earth from freezing with laughing fuel. 

This occurred as a result of the Solar blasted us with ten superflares a day, the sort we fortunately get now solely as soon as a century. 

9. Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar had one thing “uploaded” into his thoughts by an UFO.

In response to Sammy Hagar, anyway. He says they inserted a numerical code, however because it used a special system from ours, we’ll by no means know what it meant. 

10. Within the ’60s, the really devoted believed aliens would save us from nukes.

This was thanks to 1 nut named George Van Tassel, who constructed a dome to commune with aliens and mentioned they warned him of upcoming nuclear destruction. 

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