20 Jamaican Drinks and Cocktails To Strive In 2022


Well-known for idyllic seashores, excellent year-round climate, Rastafarianism and the birthplace of Reggae music, Jamaica is a land wealthy with tradition and sweetness. Formed and redefined by the assorted colonial powers that influenced the nation’s vibrant meals, drinks and tradition, Jamaica is the jewel within the Caribbean that delights and charms guests round each nook.

Jamaican drinks, each alcoholic and non-alcoholic, completely match the nation’s distinctive traditions and spirit. Its bountiful flowers birthed a few of the world’s finest espresso and rum. Jamaica’s ingesting scene is a melting pot of British staples and timeless Caribbean delights, which guarantees an explosion of vibrant colors and flavours that makes this tiny down-to-earth nation a treasure trove for curious travellers.

20 Jamaican Drinks

jamaican tonic drinks Young woman with cocktail glass on white beach sitting on sunbed.
Loosen up by the ocean with a cool Jamaican cocktail in hand.

Jamaican Alcoholic Drinks

1- Tia Maria

Constituted of well-known Jamaican Blue Mountain espresso, Tia Maria is a scrumptious liqueur that mixes two of Jamaica’s most favorite merchandise, espresso and rum, to create an beautiful alcoholic drink.

Though Tia Maria is produced in Italy, Tia Maria producers nonetheless import genuine Blue Mountain espresso and Jamaican rum from midway the world over to make this traditional liqueur.

Excellent to get pleasure from over ice or with milk, Tia Maria is maybe the tastiest when mixed with espresso, banana liqueur and darkish rum to create the tremendous scrumptious and classy Soiled Banana cocktail.

Irrespective of the way you resolve to savour your bottle of Tia Maria, it’s certain to deal with the senses to a few of the finest flavours of Jamaica.

2- Jamaican Rum

Jamaican Rum cigar balanced across a glass of run and a straw hat
One of many iconic Jamaican drinks is rum.

Certainly, the liqueur most related to Jamaica and the encircling Caribbean area, rum, or extra particularly Jamaican rum, is a liqueur that you have to strive when visiting this a part of the world.

Pirates and buccaneers might need given rum its begin in Barbados, however it’s in Jamaica the place this well-known liqueur was perfected.

Full-bodied, fruity flavoured and with a wealthy “funk” aroma, Jamaican rum is exclusive amongst different forms of rum manufacturers because it’s made by fermenting sugar cane and yeast in a mix of lime water.

Consisting of an alcoholic content material that may vary between 40% and 75% alcohol, Jamaican rum is notoriously robust, nonetheless, it’s the smoothest rum you’ve ever tasted.

3- Jamaican Rum Crème

Jamaican Rum Crème, very like the opposite rum crème varieties discovered all through the Caribbean, is a conventional Irish cream liqueur with a novel island twist.

Produced from genuine Jamaican rum, coconut extract, espresso, cream, and different top-secret components, Jamaican Rum Crème is just a little little bit of paradise in a bottle.

Scrumptious to get pleasure from on ice, by itself or as an additive in a cocktail, Jamaican Rum Crème is available due to the 2 main Jamaican Rum Crème producers, Sangster’s and O’Riley’s, producing this tasty liqueur on a big scale.

Whereas Jamaicans like to debate which model of Jamaican Rum Crème is the most effective, this delectable liqueur guarantees to be a delight to the tastebuds irrespective of which model you choose to get pleasure from.

Jamaican Beer

4- Dragon Stout

jamaican drinks stout beer
Stout beer is a well-liked Jamaican alcoholic drink on a heat day.

Solely produced in Jamaica, this darkish, high-alcohol beer was one of many first beers brewed within the Caribbean within the early 1900s.

Dragon Stout will get its distinctive darkish brown look from the roasted barley and chocolate malt combination used to create this mildly candy, creamy beer.

As a consequence of its delicate aromas and flavours, Dragon Stout is the proper gateway beer for first-time darkish beer drinkers who’d wish to pattern this proudly Jamaican traditional.

Its distinctive chocolate and low undertones make it an ideal beer for any event.

5- Purple Stripe

jamaican alcoholic drinks pint glass of cold lager beer sitting on edge of blue swimming pool
Purple Stripe is a well-liked bigger and one of many Jamaican drinks it’s best to strive.

Purple Stripe beer is Dragon Stout’s milder and extra well-known cousin and has change into a staple in Jamaican bars and eating places for the reason that beer was first launched on the island in 1928.

Though Purple Stripe beer originated in america, a consortium of British buyers purchased the recipe and moved the manufacturing to Jamaica.

A beer made out of hops, water, cassava starch and malt, Purple Stripe beer is a barely candy beer with a faint but noticeable trace of apple.

It has a easy texture and aftertaste.

Simplistic, scrumptious and straightforward to drink, cracking open a bottle of Purple Stripe beer in Jamaica is bound to be an fulfilling expertise, even when beer isn’t your typical drink.

Jamaican Non-Alcoholic Drinks

6- Soursop Juice

popular jamaican drinks
Soursop (Annona muricata) pulp is used to make a tasty juice that is likely one of the conventional Jamaican drinks to pattern.

Soursop juice is a refreshingly thick fruit juice made out of the Soursop plant, which grows abundantly all through Jamaica.

Soursop juice is a mix of strawberry, citrus and pineapple flavours.

It’s usually paired with condensed milk, vanilla, or lime juice to provide it a touch of sweetness or tanginess, relying in your desire.

If you happen to’d wish to jazz your Soursop juice up even additional to make it a drink match for grown-ups, take into account including a dab of Jamaican white rum to the fruity concoction.

Irrespective of the way you wish to savour this Jamaican summertime staple, you’ll be able to by no means go improper with a tall glass of Soursop juice to calm down within the Caribbean sunshine.

7- Sorrel Tea

jamaican drinks sorrel Jamaica sorrel tea poured from a kettle into glass cup with dry roselle and brown cane sugar cube.
Jamaica sorrel tea is a wholesome natural tea wealthy in vitamin C and minerals.

Sorrel tea is a novel reddish-purple-coloured tea made out of dried hibiscus blooms fashionable in Jamaica, Latin America and Africa.

Whereas every area has its strategy of mixing components to create a novel mix of hibiscus tea, Jamaican Sorrel tea combines ginger, lime soda, ice, sugar and spices to kind a refreshing summertime drink.

Though the hibiscus flower is of course odourless, as soon as the plant’s essence is extracted and blended right into a drink, it turns right into a zesty citrus-like concoction excellent for bracing the summer season warmth of the Caribbean.

Jamaican Sorrel tea is a mainstay on tables throughout festive holidays resembling Christmas all through the island and is a major a part of conventional Jamaican tradition.

8- Blue Mountain Espresso

jamaican drinks non alcoholic White cup of fresh hot coffee and coffee beans on wooden board on table.
Blue Mountain Espresso is a well-liked brew to drink in Jamaica.

Very like Jamaican rum, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain espresso is likely one of the nation’s hottest merchandise and is so wanted that it’s one of many world’s most unique and costly espresso variants.

Blue Mountain espresso is barely cultivated within the Blue Mountains, a 2,000 m (6,562 ft) tall mountain vary famend for its excessive rainfall and humid local weather that’s important in offering the espresso with its flavour and aroma.

Well-known for its candy, fruity undertones and wealthy flavour, Blue Mountain espresso is as pricy because it’s scrumptious.

If you happen to ever end up in Jamaica and are lucky sufficient to pattern some genuine Blue Mountain espresso from Jamaica, make sure to not let this once-in-a-lifetime alternative go you by.

9- Peanut Punch

Made by mixing coconut milk, roasted peanuts and water flavoured with condensed milk, nutmeg and vanilla, Jamaica’s Peanut Punch drink is delectable and full of vitamins.

This wealthy and creamy Jamaican staple is on the menu in eating places and meals stalls throughout the island.

As with all different typical Jamaican non-alcoholic drinks, locals are inclined to spice their plain previous Peanut Punch up by including a touch of Jamaican rum to provide it a kick.

Some even say it’s an aphrodisiac of kinds, because it’s excessive in pure fat, nutritional vitamins and minerals, making it each tasty and comparatively wholesome.

10- Jamaican Ginger Beer

jamaican mix drinks tall glass of ginger ale
One other fashionable drink in Jamaica is ginger ale.

Jamaican ginger beer is a fizzy smooth drink infused with herbs and spices to provide it a novel aroma and style loved by adults and youngsters.

Regardless of the primary accounts of ginger beer relationship again to the 1700s in England, ginger beer arrived in Jamaica by way of the British Empire when Jamaica first grew to become a British colony.

Extensively considered good on your coronary heart and abdomen as a result of giant portions of ginger within the drink, Jamaican ginger beer is likely one of the Caribbean island nation’s most generally loved drinks.

Whereas the drink tastes nice, locals love including a touch of rum to the usual Jamaican ginger beer to create a refreshing cocktail.

11- Irish Moss

jamaican drinks irish moss seaweed A bowl of Irish moss seaweed against grained wood
Irish Moss is likely one of the extra uncommon Jamaican drinks to strive.

Jamaica’s fashionable Irish Moss drink is a wholesome plant-based drink wealthy in omega 3, minerals and nutritional vitamins.

Constituted of algae rising on the rocky outcrops alongside the Jamaican shoreline, Irish Moss discovered its strategy to Jamaica by Irish labourers who introduced the drink together with them.

Irish Moss may not sound too interesting, however the drink is surprisingly refreshing and wholesome, plus, locals have a tendency to combine in honey and milk to make the algae drink extra palatable.

If you happen to’re in search of an uncommon Jamaican drink, strive a cup of Irish Moss.

Jamaican Cocktails

12- Vodka & Ting

Ting is a extensively consumed non-alcoholic fizzy beverage that was first created in Jamaica in 1976.

It’s recognized for its tangy, bittersweet grapefruit style that leaves you wanting extra.

Ting is synonymous with seashores and ideal climate and is widespread all through the Caribbean.

Given the drink’s recognition in Jamaica, it’s not shocking it’s usually blended with rum or vodka.

Considered one of these concoctions is the ever-popular Vodka and Ting, or ‘Ving’ as many discuss with it, made out of one half vodka and two components Ting soda to create a refreshing Caribbean cocktail.

If vodka isn’t your cup of tea, take into account including rum to create one other traditional Jamaican summertime cocktail, the “Ting ‘n’ Sting”.

13- Jamaican Crawler

A part of the porch crawler cocktail household consisting of beer, spirits and a candy fruity drink, a Jamaican Crawler is normally made out of Jamaican white rum, pineapple juice and melon liqueur.

Refreshing and bursting with tangy flavours, the Jamaican Crawler might be ordered at most bars in Jamaica.

Easy but elegant, the Jamaican Crawler is match for any event.

14- Guinness Punch

Born out of Jamaica’s love for Guinness beer, one of many nation’s hottest alcoholic drinks by consumption, Guinness Punch was invented by Jamaicans who determined to combine the Guinness beer with spices and milk.

This cocktail is mixed utilizing Guinness International Further Stout, essentially the most prevalent sort of Guinness in Jamaica, blended with milk, cinnamon or nutmeg, and vanilla to create a creamy delight match for the Caribbean way of life.

You should definitely check out some Guinness Punch everytime you’re in Jamaica or make some your self at house utilizing no matter spices and Guinness beer you like.

15- Bob Marley

The Bob Marley cocktail was invented within the Nineteen Sixties to pay homage to Jamaica’s most beloved son, Bob Marley, who performed an instrumental position in placing the nation’s slow-paced and groovy Reggae music on the world music map.

This Jamaican drink is known for its layered multicolour look, with crimson on the backside (darkish rum, grenadine and strawberry), yellow within the center (gold rum and pineapple), and inexperienced on prime (white rum, melon liqueur and white juice).

The colors symbolise Rastafarianism, a cultural and non secular motion from Jamaica that influenced the nation’s Reggae music motion within the twentieth century.

16- Planter’s Punch

Whereas some would possibly dispute the drink’s origins claiming it was invented in a South Carolina lodge, others insist that Planter’s Punch was born in Jamaica.

Constituted of genuine Jamaican rum, lime juice and syrup, the Planter’s Punch recipe was first cited in a British poem way back to 1878.

The drink grew to become fashionable in america throughout the Tiki cultural motion of the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries.

This vibrant cocktail, regarded by many as quite a lot of the extra conventional rum punch, is the proper cocktail to accompany the luxurious Caribbean seashores and sunsets that Jamaica is known for.

17- Caribbean Delight

Blended with coconut rum, vodka, lime and vanilla liqueur, the title of this Jamaican cocktail additionally describes the drink’s look and style.

Usually loved by native Jamaicans on holidays resembling Easter and Good Friday, the Caribbean Delight whisks you away to sun-clad seashores and palm bushes with only a sip.

Served neat in a highball glass at bars and pubs throughout Jamaica, the Caribbean Highball is available in all kinds of variants, together with some with lime soda or lemonade.

No matter how you like your Caribbean Delight cocktail, it’s a refreshing style of Jamaica in a glass.

18- Rum Punch

jamaican juice drinks Personal perspective view of Female hand holding glass and drinking cocktail at the Caribbean sea.
Searching for a refreshing Jamaican drink? You’ll discover most are blended with rum!

Pairing Jamaica’s world-class rum with lime, fruit juice and ice to create this island-inspired cocktail places Jamaica’s Rum Punch on the prime of the checklist of Caribbean rum punches.

Jamaican rum punch might be made in numerous methods, with some recipes that embody orange juice or pineapple juice to provide the rum punch a fruitier and zestier flavour.

Substituting the drink’s white or brown rum content material for a coconut-flavoured rum will give the rum punch a extra savoury style.

No matter how you like your Jamaican rum punch to style, this Caribbean traditional is heavenly to sip whereas sunbathing on a palm tree-clad sandy seashore.

19- Soiled Banana

A scrumptious Jamaican cocktail to strive is the Soiled Banana Cocktail.

Although the origins of this traditional Jamaican cocktail’s title stay a thriller, the pleasant Soiled Banana cocktail could be very a lot a dessert in a glass.

Made with white rum, one ripe banana, banana, espresso liqueur and a beneficiant serving of thick cream, the Soiled Banana is a milkshake with alcohol.

Though the Soiled Banana is normally made utilizing Tia Maria liqueur, any good coffee-flavoured liqueur will do if you happen to fancy making some your self at house.

The Soiled Banana cocktail is finest drunk chilled on a blazing sizzling summer season’s night and is one value attempting in a Jamaican bar.

20- Jamaican Zombie

jamaican mixed drinks three cocktails
Jamaican cocktails are enjoyable to drink on an evening out.

Whereas the title would possibly sound ghoulish, this enjoyable cocktail is something however incorporating a few of Jamaica’s finest spirits to create a potent concoction to occasion all evening lengthy.

Invented by Donn Seaside, credited with beginning the Tiki tradition motion, the Jamaican Zombie’s title was coined as a result of somebody who drank it in a bar complained that the cocktail left them feeling like a zombie.

A Jamaican Zombie is usually made out of Jamaican white and brown rum, pineapple juice, lime juice and a touch of grenadine, though some bartenders are recognized so as to add a touch of bitters to counteract the sweetness of the fruit juice.

Notoriously robust as a result of excessive alcoholic content material, this drink is actually not for the faint-hearted, nonetheless, if you happen to’d wish to strive a Jamaican cocktail that may offer you a thumping headache the morning after, you’ll be able to’t go improper.

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