15 Movies And Shows That Got Bonkers Reactions From Test Audiences


Take a look at Audiences Did Not Care For The Theatrical Ending Of Little Store Of Horrors

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Within the theater musical, the toothy plant Audrey II kills Seymour Krelborn and Audrey earlier than going to struggle and taking on New York. Take a look at audiences for the film, nevertheless, didn’t take pleasure in seeing the couple get murdered by a big plant. Mentioned Frank Oz:  “For each musical quantity, there was applause, they liked it, it was simply incredible … till Rick and Ellen died, after which the theater grew to become a fridge, an ice field. It was terrible, and the playing cards have been simply terrible. You must have a 55 p.c ‘suggest’ to actually be launched, and we bought a 13. It was an entire catastrophe.” 

And that’s how we bought the ending the place the plant is killed and the people reside. Typical.

Deadly Attraction Virtually Had A Method Higher Ending

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Initially, the film the place Glenn Shut stalks the married man she had a one-night stand with led to Shut slitting her throat and framing mentioned married man for murdering her. This, apparently, wasn’t thrilling sufficient for check audiences again in 1987, and that’s how we bought the person’s spouse killing Shut as a substitute. 

Shut herself didn’t agree with the brand new ending, saying that her character’s obsession would naturally lead her to “self-destruct.” “The unique ending was a stunning piece of movie noir,” she mentioned. “She kills herself, however makes positive that his prints are all around the knife, and he will get arrested. He is aware of he did not do it, however he will jail anyway. However audiences wished some type of cathartic ending.”

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