15 Food Mascots And The Felonies I Think They’d Commit


Yeah, the Pringles man’s first title is Julius. Bizarre, proper? Anyhow, I don’t know if it’s the clean eyes or the truth that he seems just a little bit like well-known serial killer, the White Metropolis Satan, H.H. Holmes, however I really feel like he’s felt somebody’s final breath on his cheek. H. H. Holmes was additionally well-known for his lodge that he transformed right into a trap-laden “Homicide Fort,” and I wager there have been tubes concerned.

Kool Assist Man – Felony DUI

Kraft Heinz

For the Kool-Assist man, the social gathering by no means stops. Certain, he causes some party-related property harm, and spills in every single place, however he’s such a great time everybody lets it fly. Till they don’t anymore. Till he’s headed dwelling to his, uh, fridge home, I suppose, and he feels what he thought was a speedbump. However speedbumps don’t go away blood on the hood.

Tony the Tiger – Prostitution


The person has the physique of a gigolo or an insta thirst lure if I’ve ever seen one. There’s not a girl in a sexless marriage placing in hours on the Equinox elliptical that wouldn’t pay good cash to get twisted round by this needlessly sexual tiger. He’s additionally the meals mascot more than likely to have a vastly worthwhile OnlyFans.

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