15 Dark Secrets of Self-Help Gurus


Wayne Dyer

(Phil Konstantin/Wikimedia Commons)

Dyer’s 1976 handbook Your Misguided Zones is among the bestselling books of all time. It was additionally principally cribbed from famed psychologist Albert Ellis’s follow of Rational Emotive Remedy, a reality Ellis identified to him a decade later. Ellis later stated he was simply blissful his work was reaching so many individuals, although it may need been a special story if he’d really wanted the cash.

M. Scott Peck

It’s not essentially notable that M. Scott Peck had lifelong habits of consuming, medication, and infidelity — you possibly can’t swing a lifeless cat in a bookstore with out hitting an writer in the identical packed boat. However Peck’s bestseller, The Highway Much less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Conventional Values and Religious Progress, was uniquely preachy even amongst self-help books on these very subjects. One writer even rejected it as “too Christ-y,” though to be honest, that man did love him some wine.

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