Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers


Kids, fairly like Karens, are infamous meltdown makers. In what looks as if a fraction of second, they go from little angels bringing pleasure into our depressing grownup world to full-on tantrum machines powered by screaming and crying, rolling on the ground, and cursing like uncle Bob.

However dad and mom weren’t born yesterday. They both have already discovered a dependable antidote to such meltdowns and confirmed solution to take again management, or they handle to easily not care and save their nerves when it happens.

So this thread from Ask Reddit has dad and mom sharing essentially the most ridiculous causes their youngster had a meltdown, and belief us, it doesn’t get any funnier than that. Seems that just about something could be a set off for a kid’s freakout, and it may simply as effectively be cute and healthful.

He noticed that scene from Spongebob the place Patrick was upset as a result of he couldn’t see his personal brow. My son noticed it, realized he couldn’t see his personal brow, then had a meltdown.

Hugh_manateerian Report

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers My daughter obtained mad as a result of I lower her sandwich into triangles as an alternative of rectangles. She threw it on the wall, pointed at Santa, and screamed, “PUT ME ON THE NAUGHTY LIST!”

jeff_the_nurse , Eaters Collective Report

Meltdowns are inseparable from having children. Our little daredevils are infamous tantrum throwers, and it’s only a query of severity and frequency with which they happen. There are numerous parenting strategies created to take again management of a kid in meltdown, and methods to ensure it doesn’t occur.

Tantrums and meltdowns could be generated by quite a lot of various things: concern, frustration, anger, and sensory overload, to call a couple of. Furthermore, a tantrum isn’t a really clear solution to talk, however they’re very highly effective in getting not simply dad and mom’ however each onlooker’s consideration.

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers A full on screaming mood tantrum as a result of he did not need to go to McDonald’s with us. It was STUPID we’re not going to STUPID MCDONALDS!!! Then as quickly as we completed going by the drive through, by tears he requested for his hen nuggets and contentedly ate his completely happy meal quickly after. Toddlers are bizarre man.

zerbey , Thabang Report

This text on the Childmind Institute argues that we should always consider a tantrum as a response to a scenario a toddler can’t deal with in a extra grown-up manner. “By speaking about how he feels, or making a case for what he needs, or simply doing what he’s been requested to do. As an alternative, he’s overwhelmed by emotion.”

“If unleashing his emotions in a dramatic manner — crying, yelling, kicking the ground, punching the wall, or hitting a mum or dad — serves to get him what he needs (or out of no matter he was making an attempt to keep away from), it’s a conduct that he might come to depend on.”

At about age 2, he was making an attempt to get out of his mattress, put his hand on the wall, then put his different hand over it, and tried to take away his first hand. The burden/push power of his second hand stored his first hand pinned to the wall. He began screaming in terror, pushing again with all his would possibly… on prime of his first hand. I needed to seize his second hand, then yank his first hand free.

He was inconsolable for some time.

punkwalrus Report

I’ve obtained two children. Whereas driving, a chook pooped on our automobile window on one aspect of the automobile. The child farthest from that aspect of the automobile checked out it, and the opposite one began yelling “You’ll be able to’t have a look at the chook poop! It is on my aspect of the automobile so it is MY chook poop!” after which an enormous struggle broke out.

supenguin Report

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers It was my spouse’s time of the month, and I requested her if she wanted any female merchandise as I used to be leaving for the shop. My 2 yr previous son then proceeded to throw himself on the ground demanding that he needed ‘female prodos’ as effectively.

mr_patsy , Alexander Gray Report

Challenges like meltdowns are a quintessential a part of being a mum or dad. Many individuals know that and are nonetheless prepared to make a sacrifice for the higher good and having a satisfying life with children. Others, nonetheless, select a really completely different path, which is staying childfree.

That is, in fact, to not say that folks select to not have children as a result of it’s tough elevating them, relatively they decide for a fancy of causes. They could vary from rising dwelling prices, rising housing costs, widespread issues about social media and local weather change, individuals’s personal childhood experiences, and easily not wanting kids.

I would not purchase him a mix harvester, an axe or a cow. All full sized actual issues. Not toys

floydie1962 Report

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers Faculty was over. That was utterly unacceptable. 4yo straight up starfishes himself on the trail the place the complete college needed to step over/round him screaming about how he doesn’t need to go residence. It made me appear to be the most effective mum or dad on this planet.

Andiwowow , Ivan Aleksic Report

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers The spoon was the incorrect coloration, then after I obtained the best one it was poisonous since I used to be the one to seize it, so I put it again after which it was too far they usually needed me to get it for them, and after that they needed the unique one they threw on the ground. I picked it up and handed it to them however apparently it was poisonous once more so that they threw it, climbed down the chair, picked it up, then went again to their yogurt and began to fortunately eat. Toddlers am I proper?

You meant simply in the present day this morning proper?

Cognizant_Psyche , Harry Grout Report

Even though the childfree life-style is gaining recognition on daily basis, it’s nonetheless considered with an enormous stigma in our society. To search out out what are the explanations for thus many individuals condemning those that go for life with out children, Bored Panda spoke with Dr. Audrey Tang, a chartered psychologist and writer of a number of books, together with “Be A Nice Supervisor Now“, “The Chief’s Information to Mindfulness,” and “The Chief’s Information to Resilience.” It seems this has so much to do with human nature and our tendency to be judgemental towards others.

“Once we reside in a society with others (and that is evident within the animal kingdom), we have a tendency to know our ‘place’ within the pack by acknowledging ourselves compared to others – with the objective being entry to sources,” Tang argues.

Him: I do not need English peas for breakfast

Me: I am not cooking English peas for breakfast

Him: *head buried within the sofa SOBBING

Aggravating_Client36 Report

Based on Tang, “in people, we’re combating much less over a perceived shortage of meals and water, however (particularly within the social media world) a necessity for acknowledgment and validation. Additional to which, constructing shallowness has targeted on appreciating the self… however usually compared to others (e.g. I didn’t win… however no less than I didn’t come final).” She defined that we’re introduced up judging others to know our place.

Furthermore, Tang claims that in evolutionary phrases, that is maybe smart. “By making it clear there’s another person (a ‘weaker prey’ maybe) to deal with, we will stay ‘secure.’”

My nephew instructed me that 7/11 is known as that as a result of it is open seven hours a day, eleven days every week. I instructed him that there aren’t 11 days within the week and he misplaced his little thoughts.

Do not right a toddler if it does not matter in the long term.

Flaky_Tip Report

Oooo ooo oo. Not me, however my brother. Apparently, my mother discovered him (early 90s) sitting within the doorway between the home and the nice open air crying hysterically as a result of he wasn’t positive if he needed to remain in or go outdoors.

OakHallowedBThyAcorn Report

Tang instructed Bored Panda that it turns into all too simple to, relatively than present acceptance of distinction and even be taught from that different individual, attempt to negate that of the opposite – it’s the act of “normative idealization.” She continued explaining that normative idealization is once you assume like “what I do is regular, what you do is odd (it makes our personal ego really feel higher); or to return to my first level of trying outwards – we would alternatively simply be selecting on others to keep away from occupied with our personal issues – and one thing which makes them ‘completely different’ is a straightforward goal… and typically it means by bringing somebody down (relatively than working to lift ourselves up), we really feel higher about ourselves – and don’t must admit we have to do one thing about our personal insecurities.”

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers Ohhh, man. Let’s examine…

*I microwaved her scorching canine.

*I would not give her a second olive

*I would not let him bounce on a trampoline within the rain

*She did not need to be buckled into her carseat after I picked her up from daycare. She did not need to get OUT of her carseat once we obtained residence 2 blocks later. Then she was upset as a result of all of the sweet was gone from her 6-month-old trick-or-treat bag.

*The sticker she peeled off my spouse’s orange apparently did not meet expectations.

raistliniltsiar Report

Having mentioned that, Tang claims that we’ve developed since that time, though maybe our brains have not fairly, and we have to train it wholesome behaviors.

“Judging others within the context of ‘who resides life greatest’ is just not useful, it’s much more wholesome to focus your energies on dwelling your individual greatest life, and if others are impressed, maybe you’ll be able to inform them how you probably did it and what your decisions have been… if they do not – you simply do you.” She added that “within the phrases of Ru Paul – if they are not paying your payments, you pay them no thoughts!”

I flipped out as a result of my mother used the Native American phrase for corn, “maïs,” as a result of she is Dutch they usually name it that over there. I bear in mind freaking the f**okay out as a result of I didn’t need to eat poor child “mice.” I ran upstairs in a blind panic.

For a couple of years afterwards I’d typically seize handfuls of dried corn from the kitchen to “save” them and I made beds out of cotton balls for the person items of corn lol.

DameDrunkenTheTall Report

Full on meltdown final week as a result of I wouldn’t let him take a nap with a bowl of hen nuggets. He’s solely two and I do know shits about to get wilder than that.

Alternative_Plate398 Report

My daughter often asks me what a phrase means (irritated, archery, hilarious, and so forth), then after I inform her she screams NOOO THAT’S WRONG and cries. Each time. She thinks I am an fool I assume. Additionally, why the hell are you asking me in case you THINK you recognize what it means already smh.

796807 Report

His pants have been too mild. His cookie was sleeping. He mentioned good morning to the cat and the cat didn’t say good morning again to him. The bathroom was yelling at him. (He had flushed it). It was his birthday and he was excited to go see a Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine after which we left the home to go see A Day Out With Thomas The Tank Engine.

TheYankunian Report

He did not need lengthy meals. No meals that was a protracted form in any respect. It was an attention-grabbing section.

terminator_chic Report

As a result of she needed to go to highschool, at 8 pm, at age 3, by no means having gone to a faculty ever.

ShabbyBash Report

Not a mum or dad, however a daycare employee.

As quickly as I noticed this, my thoughts jumped to the second I watched a two-year-old throw himself onto the bottom, kicking and screaming, as a result of I would not let him stick peas up his nostril.

CommonGrackle_ Report

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers Mine was heartbroken that his gingerbread man had damaged after about 6 hours of taking part in with it.

He additionally had a meltdown as a result of he’s potty coaching and he had a poo in the bathroom.

marshmallow-fluff- Report

I lower her waffle into squares as an alternative of rectangles. RIP my Saturday morning.

TonyTheLieger Report

Okay I am not a mum or dad however I used to be taking care of my child cousin and we have been sat on the couch watching a film and he cried as a result of he could not hug the cat on the display screen

Separate-Ant-9646 Report

Foreword I take these very critically and we’re working to assist her even when the content material makes me giggle afterwards.

Not a meltdown per se however among the issues my daughter screams when she has evening terrors are lower than terrifying.



“I am unable to do that I am unable to I am unable to I am unable to I am unable to placed on sneakers I am carrying sandals””

Threndsa Report

I bear in mind as soon as my little brother was tremendous mad he wasn’t given two of some sort of deal with. So my mother took it from him, broke it in half, and gave him the 2 items. Identical to that he was completely happy

TehAsianator Report

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers My spouse introduced residence pizza for dinner. It had sausage and pepperoni, my sons favourite. He freaked out and refused to eat it as a result of the sausage was crumbled as an alternative of in little balls

professor_dog , The Nix Firm Report

Someone Wonders “What’s The Most Ridiculous Reason Your Child Had A Meltdown?” And 50 Parents Give Hilarious Answers Going by a drive by we requested my daughter if she needed a breakfast sandwich. Once we ordered a bacon egg and cheese biscuit she had a soften down for half-hour insisting she needed a sandwich and never a biscuit.

SEPTSLord , Jeremy Bishop Report

Once I was little, about 4 years previous, I used to be very upset that my mother was pregnant with my little brother. A lot so, that at one evening as she tucked me in, I seemed her useless within the eyes and mentioned “I will miss you a lot when the brand new child will get right here and I’ve to run away.” I then proceeded to have a hysterical meltdown. This was a couple of days after I needed to be picked up from my grandparents’ home one evening as a result of that they had a child’s stool with the Three Bears on it and it made me bawl as a result of that would not be like my household any extra.

Nearly twenty years later, my brother and I’ve a great relationship, nevertheless it undoubtedly took some convincing to get there.

HatchedAttic21 Report

I used to be ingesting some tea and he was upset when he discovered I did that with out him selecting a sort of tea for me. He does not even drink tea. He cried and insisted I make a brand new pot of tea with the tea of his alternative.

gorogy Report

She couldn’t see the moon (new moon. It occurs). Insisted “it went to NY city” and sobbed.

Missprisskm Report

At some point my son obtained extraordinarily upset as a result of his French fry was too lengthy, so I broke it in half. The French fry was then, too brief. Absolute meltdown.

elmsa517 Report

My god daughter cried on a visit to the aquarium as there have been no “fishies” within the automobile park. On the finish of the day when she was prepared to go away she mentioned, in a matter of reality manner, that she hated fishies. Cannot please them. 🐠

Schofief Report

My son on the time was mainlining string cheese in hopes of not turning him into string cheese he was lower off for like a day. So picked him up from daycare stroll into the home not a single phrase mentioned he went operating by the home and dropped down crying his head off. I requested what’s incorrect he mentioned “I would like cheese!” I instructed him “no, you’ll be able to have something apart from cheese.” Properly I assumed he was in a full on meltdown, I used to be incorrect, he ran throughout the home dropped like he was shot full and utter meltdown, I made a decision that is so ridiculous, I higher movie this so I began recording. He seemed as much as see if it was working, I used to be stone confronted, again to meltdown. Then I requested what’s incorrect? He promptly stood up not a single tear falling and questioningly mentioned “cheese?”

It turned a factor when somebody is dropping their s**t, to ask “cheese?”

Omegaprimus Report

I used to be the child on this scenario however my grandpa had purchased me a shirt and I did not prefer it. I used to be like 6 on the time and was at all times making an attempt to be variety as potential. I assumed not liking the shirt was impolite as a result of he had mainly wasted 10 bucks on one thing that I might by no means put on. I began bawling.

Why_The_Sad_Face_Bro Report

My daughter (5) hates to purchase toys within the toystore. I steered going to the toystore, her response: “that’s the worst place you can ever ask me to go!”

andersfjog Report

My brother ‘ran away from residence’ as a result of he did not get the cinnamon roll he needed.

Mad4dog Report

My son (toddler) obtained a chocolate pet for Valentine’s day from his grandmother. My spouse broke the top off to restrict consumption – he misplaced it like she decapitated an actual pet. In an try and make amends we used the range burner to sadly soften it again collectively – It then broke in his palms. 😂

mcdong Report

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