NO HOLDS BARRED: Elie Wiesel’s 90th Birthday

I spent my life loving Elie Wiesel and had the honor and pleasure of knowing him, learning from him and working with him.                         I was a tiny, junior partner in some of his work combating threats to the Jewish people and promoting anti-genocide education. I now have the equally great honor and pleasure of […]

Rouhani’s deceptive U.N. speech

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s September 21 opinion editorial in The Washington Post is extremely dishonest – in its depictions of Iran and of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iran deal. The dishonesty begins in the very title of the piece, when Rouhani – the figurehead leader of Iran who actually reports to the Iranian […]

Lessons from South Sudan, for those rushing to deport Eritrean refugees

Every other day brings another burst of good news from East Africa. The region experiences solid growth rates of 5.9%; high inflation is decreasing and industrialization is on the rise. Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya enjoy a particularly good momentum and celebrate as large investments are made by China and Saudi Arabia; global brands, from Coca-Cola to Calvin Klein and […]

The contrasts between Merkel’s first and current visit to Israel

                                    The contrast between German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s first visit to Israel and the current one is significant. This is true in regard to the strength of the government she rep- resents, her status in Germany and the attitude toward Germany’s past and present.                     Merkel came to […]

Merkel and Iran

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to begin a two-day visit to Israel on Wednesday, and her country’s perturbing policy on Iran is likely to top the agenda in her meetings with Israeli leaders. In a video podcast last week, Merkel stressed that Germany and Israel share a unique relationship, but she was silent about Berlin’s continued support for the […]

German and Austrian media on the attack

Europe’s mainstream media have reached a point of distorted frenzy about what they call the “far-Right” and “neo-Nazis.” I know. I have just experienced this firsthand. Allow me, please, to tell my tale. Ezra Levant of Canada is a brilliant conservative and an eloquent critic of the Left. He’s indefatigable and successful; Rebel Media, which he founded in February 2015, […]

Center Field: The benefits of doubting – in the Senate and during Sukkot

During the ugly week that was, when most Americans viewed messy realities through over-simplified, polarized, partisan blinders, one man wavered constructively. Senator Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, delayed the Senate vote on the Supreme Court nomination so the FBI could investigate the sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh. Responding to Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony about the sexual trauma she endured […]