Industry professionals have turned cold on Australia‘s largest property markets

Chris Hopkins/Getty ImagesCold winter day in Melbourne, Australia. Sentiment among Australian property professionals weakened sharply in September quarter, driven entirely by increased pessimism surrounding the housing market. Sentiment was especially weak in New South Wales and Victoria where prices have fallen the fastest so far this year. The survey points to downside risks for both building approvals and housing starts […]

The US stock market‘s resiliency to mounting trade tensions may be about to come undone

Apple store in Shanghai, China. (Photo by VCG via Getty Images) China may respond to Trump’s $US200 billion trade threat by targeting US subsidiaries in China. Research from Capital Economics (CE) shows sales from US-owned affiliates total $US350 billion – similar in size to the US trade deficit. CE said that if China introduces penalties for US owned companies it […]

Here‘s how warming oceans are changing Australia’s fishing industry

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images for Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis A new United Nations report on shows that Australian marine systems are undergoing rapid environmental change, with some of the largest climate-driven changes in the Southern Hemisphere. Reports from have found that many fish species are changing their distribution. This movement threatens to disrupt fishing as we know it. While rapid […]

A controversial human anatomy exhibition featuring real dead bodies is coming to Melbourne

Supplied “Body Worlds Vital”, created by Dr Gunther von Hagens is coming to Melbourne in August. The “Body Worlds” franchise has come under fire in the past for ethical concerns over the possible mistreatment of corpses. The “specimens” have been plastinated — a preservation procedure that means the corpse doesn’t decay or smell. A human anatomy exhibition featuring real dead […]

The impact of the latest proposed US tariffs on industry sectors, in one chart

Bill Pugliano/Getty ImagesIndustrials tops the list. US stocks fell heavily on Wednesday, like other markets around the world. JP Morgan Asset Management has looked at the US sectors most exposed to price increases should the latest round of proposed US tariffs be implemented. It says the overall impact on the US economy is likely to be small in comparison to […]

In-app payments are boosting customer loyalty for this Australian business

Photo: iStock This article is brought to you by PayPal. Payment solutions for anywhere you do business. PayPal connects you with millions of buyers around the world, processing payments for you quickly, easily and securely. The rise of mobile payments is changing the way we do business. found that 88 per cent of Australians owned a smartphone in 2017, with […]

I’m a qualified and experienced cave diver – here’s the frightening challenge the boys faced in the Thai cave rescue

Harry AverillKera Rolson Picture yourself underwater, deprived of the ability to hear or see, bracing against a frigid current, and trying to fit through a hole so small you must push the air tank that’s keeping you alive in front of you. In the summer of 2002, I found myself in that scenario attempting to navigate what is called a […]