No, Netflix Isn’t Re-Editing Old Episodes Of ‘Stranger Things’


The Duffer Brothers (the creators of Stranger Issues, not a household of brewers within the Simpsons) just lately talked about in an interview that they could return and alter the date of Will’s birthday in an earlier season – thus fixing season 4’s most talked-about continuity error, and making certain the hermetic believability of a collection full of fixed ‘80s anachronisms and literal goddamn monsters.

In the identical interview, the pair additionally admitted to secretly “George Lucas-ing” previous episodes ​that “individuals don’t find out about.” Which presumably prompted some followers to search around for retroactive edits that will be tantamount to Han Solo awkwardly ducking Greedo’s sloppy blaster hearth. And folks did appear to note a change; reportedly, within the first season, Jonathan doesn’t snap a photograph of Nancy in her underwear. This “revision” was picked up by a number of information shops –

And even impressed a GQ editorial about how this may very well be the beginning of a “harmful TV pattern.”

However there are a couple of issues with this. For one factor, such an edit, purportedly to de-creepify Jonathan’s character, makes zero sense as a result of within the following episode, we nonetheless see that Jonathan possesses a photograph of Nancy half-naked – rendering any earlier adjustments fully pointless.  

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