Newspoll just delivered the verdict on the new Morrison government after last week‘s spill – and it‘s brutal

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The first polls after Friday’s Liberal leadership spill have just landed and it’s a train wreck for the new government under Scott Morrison following Malcolm Turnbull’s departure.

, has support for the Coalition crashing to its lowest level since John Howard was booted out of government by Kevin Rudd

A fortnight ago, the Coalition under Turnbull was just two points behind Labor on 49/51, but after the leadership fiasco, voters have punished the Liberals with the margin now at 12 points with the two party-preferred vote at 56% Labor, 44% Coalition.

Newspoll also had the Coalition’s primary vote falling four points to 33% while Labor’s climbed above 40% for the first time under Shorten to sit at 41%.

While Turnbull lost 38 Newspolls in a row – eight more than his predecessor Tony Abbott – he always had the jump on Shorten as preferred prime minister. Turnbull’s 12-point lead in mid August has evaporated with Shorten now in front for the first time since early 2015 with a six-point lead at 30 to 33 over new PM Scott Morrison.

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The figures are little better in , conducted by ReachTEL over the weekend, which looked at three key marginal seats held by the Coalition, with voters hammering them in NSW and Victoria.

A Fairfax/IPSOS poll last weekend before the leadership spill had the Coalition 10-points behind Labor on 45-55 on a two party-preferred (TPP) basis

Crucially, voters in the Melbourne seat of Deakin have turned against one of Peter Dutton’s key backers in the spill, Michael Sukkar, who won the seat with a 6.3%, but now trails Labor on a TPP basis 47% to 53%.

The Liberal primary vote has also plummeted.

Turnbull backer Craig Laundy in the Sydney seat of Reid remains in front 52% to 48% on a TPP basis, but is down six points since the 2016 election the government won by just one seat.

The poll had Peter Dutton ahead 54-46 TPP in his Brisbane seat of Dickson, but other polls last week had him at 50-50.

The ReachTEL for Fairfax also had some pointed messages for the government and the plotters against Turnbull.

Even in Dutton’s seat, just 36.5% of voters thought the Liberal Party made the right decision to removing Malcolm Turnbull with 53.7% and 9.7% don’t know. In Sukkar’s seat, support for the spill fell to just 25.8%.

The poll found that a majority want the government under Scott Morrison to run full term and don’t want Australia to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement – a key demand of the conservative faction around Dutton and former PM Tony Abbott.

An election is due by mid-2019.

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