The RBA is watching jobs data closely — it won‘t like what was released today

Australia’s jobs market will likely determine whether or not the RBA will cut interest rates. Internet job vacancies fell by 0.9% in February, leaving them down 2.5% over the year. When job vacancies fall, unemployment tends to rise. Australia’s February jobs report will be released on Thursday. Beyond that, ABS job vacancy data later this month also looms as a […]

Disney deal turns Murdoch‘s six children into billionaires

Getty: Chloe and Grace Helen Murdoch Rupert Murdoch’s six children are set to become billionaires many times over, thanks to a $71 billion Disney deal. About $12 billion in cash and stock from the deal will be divided between Murdoch’s six children, Bloomberg reports. As a result, Murdoch’s personal net worth is expected to fall from $19.3 billion to $7.3 […]

Iron ore futures in China are getting hosed

Rodrigo Arangua / AFP / Getty Images Chinese iron ore futures have slumped on Wednesday, falling over 4%. News that a major iron ore mine operated by Brazil’s Vale will be allowed to resume production appears to be the catalyst. The facility had been shut since early February following a deadly mining accident at a separate iron ore mine in […]

Terrorism expert in New Zealand says social media needs to be part of the solution

Getty: Flowers and tributes at Botanic Gardens, Christchurch. My research focuses on terrorism in or affecting New Zealand. Until Friday, my phone didn’t ring that often because few were interested in anything I had to say. Since yesterday, it has not stopped. There is no understating the horrific nature of the Christchurch tragedy. Fifty people have been killed, and more […]

Iron ore tumbles as supply concerns ease, but it may not remain that way for long

Bureau of MeteorologyBureau of Meteorology Iron ore spot and futures markets were hosed on Wednesday, logging the largest decline in months. Reduced concerns over supply disruptions in Brazil was cited as the reason behind the steel falls. Just as concerns about Brazilian supply are diminishing, they might be about to escalate in Australia with a strong cyclone set to hit […]

The Australian dollar lifts as the Fed turns dovish

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images The Australian dollar bounced on Wednesday as the US Federal Reserve indicated that rate hikes this year are unlikely. The British pound tumbled on disappointment that any delay to Brexit is unlikely to be a long one. Australia’s February jobs report will be released today. It will likely generate volatility in the Aussie dollar. The Australian […]

Naomi Polani awarded Israel Prize in theater and dance

Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced that Naomi Polani is to receive the Israel Prize this year for her life-long achievements in theater and music.    “I have just called Naomi Polani, ‘the mother of IDF bands‘ [to tell her that] she won the Israel Prize in theater and dance,” Bennett wrote on his Twitter account.    Polani was instrumental in […]