Love lives here

It’s a rare phenomenon for a director to remake their own film, but this year, there are already two instances of filmmakers retrofitting their foreign-language darlings for American audiences. Hans Petter Moland turned his Scandinavian thriller In Order of Disappearance into the Liam Neeson revenge flick Cold Pursuit. And now, Chilean director Sebastián Lelio remakes his amusing 2013 portrait of […]

Looking back in empathy

Lina Lapelyte wants to stop us in our tracks. That much and more will come across clearly in her forthcoming slot at the Tel Aviv Museum, when she oversees “Candy Shop and Other Dances.” The free April 16 (7 p.m.) show is part of the inaugural Lithuanian Story festival, which features a diversified string of events and shows taking place […]

Life is normal in Sderot, until the Red Alert siren sounds.

On April 11, 2019, Meir Panim Director of Global Development, Mimi Rozmaryn, and Israel365 Digital Marketing Manager, Yocheved Feinerman, made a special trip to Sderot to show support for the teenagers who participate in the Nir Am neighborhood adolescent club set up by the Mair Panim organization. Wishing the young people a Happy Passover on behalf of Meir Panim and […]

This Jewish mom is the mastermind behind OPI nail polish

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, 62, used to aggressively bite her nails. It was a chronic, nervous tick, and it had to stop. After all, she was the co-founder and creative director of a global nail polish company, and chewed-up cuticles weren’t a good look for the woman shaping the beauty industry.   This is just one fascinating tidbit from I’m Not Really […]

Dudu Tassa and how Iraqi Arabic-Jewish music became hip again

DUDU TASSA AND THE KUWAITIS Barby Club, Tel Aviv April 8 The group is called Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis – and good thing Dudu had the Kuwaitis by his side. It was their musical stylings that stole the show.   The grandson of the famous Daoud al-Kuwaiti, Tassa continues the family music tradition, bringing his fans the Arabic Iraqi […]

Plastic street art – by the shuk

Walk across the train tracks from Mahaneh Yehuda Street (the open side of the open market) into Meyuhas Street. If you glance down the second pedestrian street on your right, you will be confronted with a menagerie of flowers, creatures and various designs – all made out of disposable and discarded stuff! What you are confronted with is the passion […]

A graphic Haggadah

“The Passover Seder is very precious and holds a special place in the hearts of all our people,” writes David Olivestone, the translator of the new Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel published by Koren. “The vast majority of secular Jews in Israel attend a Seder every year, as do a huge percentage of Diaspora Jews who maintain none of our traditions.” […]