KKL-JNF at the U.N. committee on forestry in Rome

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (), headquartered in Rome, convened the global biennial Committee on Forestry (COFO), which is being held during August 16-20, 2018.

The summit meeting brings together heads of forestry services and other senior officials of various governments to formulate the global policy in light of the various challenges around the world. Conference participants seek solutions and advise the FAO on a policy of action adapted to each region of the world.

In the wake of the extensive and intensive activities of the KKL-JNF Land Development Administration’s Forestry Division in cooperation with the Secretariat of the UN’s COFO and the UN delegation to Israel, KKL-JNF is honored to officially represent the State of Israel at the international Committee on Forestry.

This is the 24th session of the Committee on Forestry, and it is held to coincide with the sixth World Forestry Week. The session focuses on the ability of forests to contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals (UNSDGs) for the year 2030, as well as moving from theory to practical action programs.

The discussions deal with exploring ways and means to accelerate the pursuit of these goals; the actions required to implement the policy recommendations of the World Committee regarding the contribution of forests to and nutrition; reviewing the opportunities and challenges of urban and peri-urban ; implementing the climate change strategy of the FAO, and formulating the future forestry strategy.