‘House Of The Dragon’ Is Gross-Out Comedy (Without The Comedy)


After final week’s epic battle involving that crab man (who we’re guessing solely existed on account of some kind of company partnership with Crimson Lobster), this week’s episode of Home of the Dragon, “King of the Slim Sea,” went again to doing what the present does greatest: making you wish to bathe in a bath filled with Purell as quickly because the credit roll. 

Yeah, even supposing producers beforehand claimed that they might “not depict sexual violence within the present,” we bought a narrative that featured each the marital rape of Queen Alicent and a scene by which Daemon lures his underage niece Rhaenyra to a brothel, at which level he begins to make out together with her, and later expresses a need to marry her – a storyline which, and we will’t stress this sufficient, was seemingly even too gross for George R.R. Martin to spell out in his ebook. 

Look, clearly, this present is a spin-off of Recreation of Thrones which additionally contained a lot of horrifying stuff over time – worse even than Ed Sheeran’s cameo – typically involving violence, incest, and sexual assault. However they didn’t occur each single week and weren’t completely directed at a central core of characters. It’s as if every episode, Home of Dragons is obligated to incorporate a scene that’s much more distasteful than what got here the week earlier than, probably to juice up viewers engagement and promote water cooler chit-chat – and that technique appears to be working. Every week there’s a veritable tidal wave of mass revulsion on social media, adopted by on-line write-ups documenting mentioned revulsion.




In a means, this present is arguably taking its cues from the gross-out comedy pattern that started within the ‘90s and early 2000s, which died off a couple of years in the past. However as a substitute of pie-boinking, or semen-hair gel, Home of the Dragon is utilizing dramatic (and extra realistically upsetting) story beats to stoke a sort of unified cultural nausea, and create a definite shared expertise for audiences – which, as disagreeable as it could be on this occasion, is more and more uncommon within the age of streaming.

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