All The Weird DC Comics Stuff Hiding In ‘The Sandman’


And since superheroes prefer to inter-marry like aristocrat households, Lyta’s useless husband Hector Corridor is the son of the Nineteen Forties Hawkman and later turned the 2000s Physician Destiny; in superhero comics, being useless isn’t an impediment for profession development. Who or what’s a Physician Destiny, you ask? You will discover out when each he and Hawkman seem alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on this yr’s Black Adam film. 

Netflix, DC Comics

Matt the Raven, voiced by Cracked’s good friend Patton Oswalt, in all probability has the weirdest DC backstory of all: when he was human, his identify was Matthew Cable and he was a supporting character within the long-running Swamp Factor collection (and was performed by somebody who appears to be like/sounds nothing like Oswalt within the current reside motion adaptation). Matt began as a daily authorities agent however later went insane, gained the flexibility to change actuality, was possessed by his spouse’s perverted useless uncle, and finally killed himself to spare her any additional horrors. So actually, turning into the raven companion for the personification of the idea of dreaming is not even the weirdest factor that is occurred to this man. 

Matthew Cable in Netflix's The Sandman and DC Comics

Netflix, DC Comics

In the meantime, little Jed Walker was the sidekick of the Nineteen Seventies incarnation of The Sandman, a superhero who protects youngsters from nightmare monsters and as soon as teamed up with Santa Claus. As a result of DC writers are allergic to conserving issues easy, Jed was an alternate-reality model of a post-apocalyptic DC hero known as Kamandi, the Final Boy on Earth. Jed’s aunt and abusive uncle are additionally initially from the ’70s Sandman collection, which will get a shout out by way of the corny costume Jed wears in his desires. 

Jed Walker in Netflix's The Sandman and DC Comics

Netflix, DC Comics

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