40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners


Herodotus is extensively credited as being the primary historian—he traveled throughout Historical Greece and wrote down what he noticed and the tales he heard.

Classical scholar and poet Peter Levi stated that what made him the primary critical historian was his mixture of nice scope and exact focus, in addition to his imaginative energy as a storyteller and his rationalism, his concern with fact. Nonetheless, whereas some name Herodotus ‘The Father of Historical past’, others say he is really ‘The Father of Lies’ and will’ve included greater than details in his tales.

After all, present tutorial historians are extra than simply storytellers. Most of them have developed a rigorous strategy to learning the previous. However they’re solely as correct as their sources.

In an try and see how deceptive they are often, Reddit person Vo_Lair requested different platform customers to share examples of the phrase “historical past is written by the victors.” And so they did!

Proceed scrolling to take a look at the replies in addition to the talks we had on the topic with Tudor historian and bestselling writer Hayley Nolan and household historian, writer, and digital archivist Andrew Martin.

Anytime somebody says “Effectively, by the requirements of the time, it was okay.” When speaking about an atrocity or horrific apply.

It often means “By the requirements of the individuals doing the atrocity.”

For instance, Slaves *knew* the Slave commerce was evil. However after we say “Individuals thought it was okay” we arent counting the slaves as being individuals.

The victims of historical past are unvoiced, even when our sensibilities have advanced over time. We attempt to justify issues by saying ‘they could not have identified’ and nearly all the time ignore a big group of people that actually did know.

Kenobi_01 , Pixabay Report

At first, you would possibly surprise why ought to we care about such questions within the first place. However the previous (and our relation to it) can educate us so much in regards to the current.

“Historical past repeats, so if we have now a real understanding of how historical past has performed out earlier than, we are able to hopefully attempt to make higher selections so it by no means occurs once more,” Hayley Nolan, whose e book known as ‘Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies‘ has turn out to be a primary Amazon historical past bestseller, informed Bored Panda.

“From the typical particular person’s viewpoint (versus a monarch or parliamentarian), this will imply recognizing sure behaviors in politicians and pondering ‘maybe I should not vote for them.’ Or seeing how an individual in historical past was handled and recognizing those self same patterns in, say, the trendy media in how a celeb is being handled and simply questioning the narrative we’re being fed.”

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners You want solely to take a look at Ukraine. If Russia would win, individuals dwelling there would endlessly be taught that courageous Russians saved Ukraine from Nazi authorities and evil NATO affect.

ArtWrt147 , albovsky Report

Andrew Martin, who has been researching his household tree over the past 25 years and likewise hosts ‘The Household Histories Podcast‘, agrees that historical past has a lot to supply us all.

“Learning it academically, or just casually consuming historic data permits us to be taught the place we (as a inhabitants) have been earlier than – whether or not that is geographically, politically, morally or one other issue,” he informed Bored Panda. “With information behind us, we as nations and people are capable of navigate our lives proper now, and plan a path sooner or later with out being defeated by the identical issues each time. Historical past enriches our understanding of the world and our place inside it, and subsequently having a information of historical past helps us turn out to be higher individuals and obtain extra.”

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners The Philippine-American battle. Due to WWII the individuals have been portrayed as heroes who had the Philippines’ finest curiosity at coronary heart. However few individuals know in regards to the genocide through the Philippine-American battle that began in 1899. Nearly 200,000 civilians lifeless, with civilians dying to illness, famine and US troops wiping out villages.

cerulean200 , Gino Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Just about any indigenous inhabitants that bought in the way in which of any colonial energy. No single nation has a monopoly on the violence and oppression that was achieved worldwide because the colonial powers expanded. ALL have been responsible of it..

crockett5 , Austin Neill Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners There’s a bunch of Chinese language historical past that’s just about hypothesis as a result of each time a brand new king would conquer locations, just about the primary transfer was all the time to burn all of the information and take out the historians to ascertain dominance.

SMG329 , Zhu Peng Report

Nolan thinks that the phrase “historical past is written by the victors” is completely true. “I quoted it within the first chapter of my corrective biography ‘Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies.’ Anne Boleyn’s story is the proper instance of this. Because the notorious second spouse of King Henry VIII, proof in my e book proves that Anne Boleyn was an activist and humanitarian who was taken down when she wished to arrange a rival authorities council in an effort to launch a Poor Regulation, offering free healthcare for the individuals of England,” the historian defined.

“King’s advisor Thomas Cromwell framed Anne for adultery and he or she was executed, whereas he, the victor, re-wrote her story in order that the world solely knew her as a scheming, merciless adulterer.”

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Astor, Mellon, Morgan, Schwab, Stanford…

They have been known as robber barons for a purpose. All these faculties and music halls and neighborhood facilities are all constructed on the backs of crushed males and named after the lads who crushed them.

ForsakenPercentage53 , Mike Steele Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners The Vietnam Struggle. America did not win however we certain as f**okay informed everybody we did. And glossed over the crimes in opposition to humanity.

Zonerdrone , Filip Andrejevic Report

Martin additionally finds these phrases to be true, however he thinks they’ll possess loads of nuances, too. “Typically there may be not a consensus of who ‘the victors’ are,” he stated.

“For instance, a rustic that goes to battle with one other could seem to have a victor, however you typically discover that each declare to have received by their nation’s media or revealed literature. Quite a lot of historical past has additionally been written and revealed by white males – permitting for a really patriarchal or extremely biased view to be depicted of what they deemed to be on a regular basis life, in addition to some actually horrific occasions. You possibly can see this in historic accounts of colonialism and slavery from all over the world, and the shadows of these are nonetheless current right now. Sadly, that is solely simply starting to change, as fashionable historians re-interpret the proof and permit different historians from completely different cultures to contribute to those accounts,” Martin stated.

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Shocked to see nobody point out the massacres of Caesar through the gaulic wars. He intentionally focused sure gaulic tribes to make them stop to exist, which straight up is genocide. Nearly each time I hear somebody communicate of the Gaulic wars I see them both aspect lining them to the civil battle that adopted it or it’s a heroic battle from either side. The Gauls are attempting to stay free whereas Rome is attempting to develop and civilize.
Nearly each time I examine it the atrocities are omitted which I discover to be actually dangerous.

Thubbe42 , SHVETS manufacturing Report

Christianity is the preferred faith on Earth and is seen as the faith of affection, all as a result of the Europeans have been actually good at genocide a thousand years in the past.

thatguywiththeposts Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners How no person cares in regards to the 1000’s of native American youngsters that have been taken out by the Canadian authorities till 1998

ZunoJ , MJ Tangonan Report

Nolan identified that historians, of their pursuit of fact, need to let go of any preconceived biases they may have. No matter it’s you are researching, that you must take a look at the particular person, occasion, or interval with out dismissing any analysis simply because it does not align with your personal views and emotions.

“My e book by no means got down to paint Anne Boleyn as an harmless martyr, and there’s a entire chapter devoted to the questionable selections she made in life,” Nolan stated. “Equally, the historical past books, and even historic films as that is how the bulk eat their historical past as of late, ought to all the time endeavor to current a balanced view of an occasion, nation or particular person.”

“Sure, it is uncomfortable to face a few of these truths, significantly if it is our personal historical past, but when we’re to be taught from the previous then we have now to know what actually occurred first,” the historian stated.

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Carthaginian Civilization existed for properly over 600 years. They managed giant components of North Africa, Spain, Mediterranean Islands, and had commerce networks going Everywhere in the Mediterranean and even explored the African coast. They have been highly effective sufficient to deliver Rome to the brink of defeat in two huge wars.

Romans received, and because of this, not a single Carthaginian major supply exists.

DaemonT5544 , Jeremy Bezanger Report

No one cares in regards to the massacres in Africa by Belgium and King Leopold. After I learn the tales it gave me absolute shivers. It’s completely outrageous and unbelievable that there’s a few who’re conscious of such atrocities.

The Croatian massacres in the direction of Serbian inhabitants through the WW2 with the assistance of the Nazis.

The Greek massacres within the south of Albania in 1940-46.

fkaiser1990 Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Within the UK, it isn’t taught that the famine in Eire was a genocide dedicated by Britain. Our inhabitants nonetheless has not recovered.


d3pd , Dids Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners I knew once I noticed this thread stuff like this is able to come up. I am a Japanese particular person, and I might by no means defend any of the horrific issues Japan did previously.

However I might prefer to defend the vast majority of our residents who’re sick and bored with the revisionist fascist authorities we presently are caught with. I sentiment I used to be so sick of I left. If you understand something about Japanese politics you understand that the present celebration does not have a critical contender celebration and hasn’t for some time. Racist boomers rally across the “nothing dangerous ever occurred” celebration, whereas the remainder of us cannot rally round a reputable menace.

I used to be a young person once I learnt what our nation actually did, and it was horrifying. I want I might do extra than simply submit a reddit remark, I am sorry I do not know what to say anymore.

toastybunbun , Satoshi Hirayama Report

All of that being stated, it is nonetheless tough to pinpoint sources the place we are able to seek for historic information with out having to fret about its legitimacy. “That is so tough … as a result of even tutorial literature is not resistant to bias,” Nolan stated. “The primary downside with the manipulation of historical past is not often the details which can be included, extra so the proof that’s strategically unnoticed.”

“It truly is a minefield understanding who to belief, and I share the readers’ frustration! I feel having a wholesome stage of skepticism helps. If somebody is promoted as all good, or all dangerous, or if the blame is conveniently heaped totally upon one particular person, then simply remember that there could also be extra to that story.”

The historian believes this additionally extends to modern-day information. “Query what you might be informed; the great and the dangerous, examine the sources listed within the historical past books; if the proof listed is obscure or not there in any respect, then maybe take it with a pinch of salt,” she stated. “However I feel our era is a lot extra conscious of propaganda now, which is nice as a result of it can make it tougher to be hoodwinked. So belief your instincts when one thing doesn’t ring true and browse as extensively as you possibly can on a subject in an effort to kind your personal opinion.”

On the finish of the day, for the reason that previous just isn’t instantly observable and isn’t repeatable, historical past can solely make educated guesses about what occurred.

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners The Kyrgyz genocide. In 1916 when Kyrgyz households of the north (uninterested in oppression) refused to affix Russia’s military in WWI, Russian troopers massacred round 30% of inhabitants of the northern tribes. Now they current it as an rebellion, which occurred due to German-Turkish spies.

sultana_of_jazz , David Stanley Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Till comparatively lately, the mass r*pe of German ladies by Soviet troopers. They r*ped anybody with a vagina, together with liberated prisoners, younger women and previous ladies.

amerkanische_Frosch Report

Just about something in regards to the pre-Columbian Americas. I imply it is gotten a bit higher in recent times, however most individuals nonetheless do not perceive simply how a lot was misplaced. Even right now, “Native Individuals” are sometimes talked about as a singular tradition of people that “lived off the land” and had no expertise or cities, when in actuality, there have been as many cultures with as a lot variation between them as there are between Norway and Botswana. Europeans did not simply commit a genocide once they got here to the Americas, they dedicated tons of of genocides.

Whereas the “civilized” individuals of western Europe have been dumping their chamberpots out their home windows onto the road and ingesting beer as a result of their water was too soiled, Mayans have been utilizing pressurized plumbing methods to distribute water and handle sewage. Whereas Europeans have been dying of horrible illnesses from dwelling off of contaminated meat, grain, and beer, quite a few cultures of the Americas have been utilizing extremely superior agricultural practices like crop rotation, advanced irrigation methods, cultivation, pest management, and plenty of different strategies to present them wealthy, various cuisines. So lots of the meals we take as a right right now have been fastidiously bred from inedible, typically toxic vegetation. Think about Italian or Spanish meals with out tomatoes. Think about fashionable American meals with out corn and beans. Think about any western tradition’s meals with out potatoes. Think about a world with out chocolate. All of these and plenty of extra have been cultivated from largely inedible vegetation by individuals within the pre-Columbian Americas.

I might go on – there are actually countless examples of agriculture, engineering, city planning, structure, artwork, and science within the pre-Columbian Americas that far surpassed their European counterparts. Europe determined to only go all-in on army expertise although, in order backwards as they have been, they have been capable of brute drive their manner by the Americas and beat the rather more civilized cultures they encountered into submission and rewrite the story to make all these tons of of cultures sound like one huge group of dumb savages.

paraworldblue Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Not likely a scary one, however I’ve all the time discovered it fascinating that the phrase “barbarians” is utilized in such a unfavourable manner. It merely means individuals of various language and tradition. However if you happen to’re the one writing historical past it will get a really unfavourable connotation

-The-Oracle- , wikimedia.commons Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Discover that the whole lot individuals are declaring is properly documented.

“individuals dont care” just isn’t the identical as historical past being erased.

It is a nonsensical factor individuals say. We’ve got MANY information of folks that misplaced conflicts. “Historical past is written by the literate” is a extra apt assertion.

If historical past was solely written by the victors we’d have zero historic context for Jews even current.

Time_Card_4095 , Denny Müller Report

Here is a newer instance:

America rolled into Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan on false and/or baseless claims and waged lengthy and brutal wars merely to satisfy their very own political ego, deliberately killing 1000’s and even tens of millions of civilians within the course of, even understanding full properly that they would not reach the long term. However the Individuals stored all of it hush-hush and now it is identical to “yeah, we did that” with out acknowledging how horrible it was

…After which Russia did the identical precise factor with Ukraine. Now Russia is seen as evil, sadistic, and big menace to world peace. Which they positively are. However America has loads of blood on it is personal fingers

chopchunk Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners The Treaty of Versailles (or how the Struggle to finish all Wars did not finish no battle due to FRANCE and likewise UK)

* Italy did not get invited, not was given the land they have been promised.
* The Arabs (you understand those that fought alongside Lawrence) did not bought the Independance they have been promised.
* Germany bought a manner too violent punishment (requested by France) that prompted the distress of the 20’s in Germany and introduced you understand who to the ability.

I am french, and I wasn’t taught all this at school, I needed to search afterwards.

GrinkOf , wikimedia.commons Report

Fashionable Israel. I imply, I do not assist displacing anybody, however clearly the present regime is doing something they’ll to manufacture a historic narrative that does not paint them because the oppressors they clearly are.

Leemour Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners How Spain all the time claimed to have conquered the Americas by killing and combating tens of millions of native Individuals.
They didn’t. Most died of illness however they performed the badass military card for quiet some many years.

By right now’s requirements it will be embarrassing to inform about how good of a genocide job you probably did.

SnooComics8268 , rentonr Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Throughout WW1, though Persia (now Iran) insisted that they did not need to aspect with any nation all through the battle, they nonetheless have been invaded by Britain and Russia in November 1915.

One of many first issues that Britain did was to take over the grain storage of the nation, leading to multiplying the worth of grains for the Persians. Not solely that, the transportation of products turned tough ‘trigger the roads have been in command of Russia. So, you possibly can think about how laborious turned for the individuals to get their fingers on grains, and shortly after that, a large famine occurred throughout the nation. The famine led to the outbreak of plague, typhus, and so on.

Lengthy story quick, nonetheless to this present day the entire variety of dying stays to be unsure however some historians have steered it is one thing between 2 to three million individuals, within the span of two years. Some researchers have even made daring claims and presume the quantity is one thing between 8 to 10 million. who is aware of? The victor did not appear to trouble in regards to the state of affairs.

Supply: The Nice Famine & Genocide in Iran by Mohammad Gholi Majd. Harrowing stuff.

David_Fade , 42 North Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners The Spanish conquering the Aztecs (and Mayans). Historical past by the eyes of the Spanish paint the Aztecs to be these horrific, soiled heathens that practiced cannibalism. Additionally they depict the Mayans to be the identical manner. Nonetheless, over time we have now discovered that though Aztecs did apply cannibalism and sacrificed their very own individuals, they have been additionally very clear folks that practiced routine hygiene and even had a faculty system for his or her youngsters. The Mayans had entire libraries that included untold quantities of Mathematical information. They have been additionally grasp astronomers that found issues in regards to the universe that Europeans had no clue about for at the least a number of hundred years. However, the Spanish destroyed all of this and informed the remainder of the world nothing of those nice issues.

Locuniv , wikimedia.commons Report

the Armenian genocide. international locations deny it simply to even hold their relationship good with turkey
F**okay them.

joseph_stuffz Report

Historical past being written by the ‘victors’ means sure issues are erased and purposely stored from us.

Roanoke- the individuals who ‘vanished with out a hint’ really went to dwell with the natives, however that kindness was erased from historical past so nobody would assume twice about slaughtering the natives.

MKultra- which was labeled by the federal government as a giant conspiracy principle till they needed to launch the paperwork. The CIA murdered Frank Olson, wasted tens of millions on a microphone cat, and launched lethal medication to the general public.

The third gender- from the native Individuals, to the Greeks (who even had a non-binary god) the historical past of the existence of a 3rd gender, and the fluidity of gender expression, has been suppressed and erased (and we act prefer it’s a brand new factor invented by millennials)

AlwxWrites Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners MacArthur protecting up the atrocities of Unit 731 so the US might get the outcomes of their chemical and organic experiments on POWs and undesireables.

Japan wished it to fade away and so did the US and that’s what occurred. They got immunity. Nobody paid for these crimes within the east. MacArthur pressured all within the Pacific to signal NDAs earlier than being launched from obligation. Nobody might discuss what occurred within the Pacific.

My mom’s first husband was a POW within the Pacific. When he bought again he began saying what occurred and the authorities picked him up and took him away and wouldn’t inform her something. They have been Catholic and he or she needed to annul the wedding because the one factor they did inform her was he ain’t coming again any time quickly.

RCragwall , wikimedia.commons Report

I feel it’s tougher to search out examples in fashionable historical past as a result of there are various instances the place the victors management the narrative, however it’s not really easy anymore to fully silence or erase various interpretations.

Nonetheless, two American examples spring to thoughts the place most individuals (non-historians, at the least) have it fallacious. Within the the enslavement of Africans and the genocide of Native Individuals, it’s not the case that every one these early Individuals had an ethical blind spot, however now we all know higher. Somewhat, these have been contentious points on the time, and many individuals opposed slavery and Native American genocide all through America’s historical past.

For instance, there have been clergymen who opposed slavery on ethical grounds from the beginning. Later, wherever there wasn’t already an entrenched ruling class who relied on slavery for his or her wealth, Quakers, Methodists, Baptists, different honest Christians, and others who believed in “all males are created equal” fought laborious and efficiently managed to ban slavery early on, e.g., in Pennsylvania.

Then there was Andrew Jackson, clearly the Trump of his age, who ran on a well-liked platform of not honoring current treaties with Native Individuals, however as a substitute killing and forcibly relocating them and stealing (“conquering”) their remaining lands for his voters. If it weren’t for Jackson, the U.S. could be smaller, however have much less blood on its fingers. And if it weren’t for the efforts of anti-slavery activists, who existed lengthy earlier than the civil battle, it will have way more.

webbphillips Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners WW1. Germany particularly are all the time seen because the dangerous guys and in western movies like Marvel Lady for instance, that’s particularly the case. However in fact the battle was far, way more advanced then that and so there wasn’t a clearly outlined “good vs dangerous” like WW2.

Pow67 , wikimedia.commons Report

40 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners Robespierre, one of many primary determine of french revolution has been taken out by political opponent, they tried to delete his title from historical past, accused him of all of the kills through the Terror (3 years the place lots of people bought killed bcs of a worry of a royalty return), they even used the physique of a really ugly man to make ppl consider it was him (ppl nonetheless assume its him besides historian) and mainly now he’s seing as a monster by some ppl

Agitated-Zebra-1764 , wikimedia.commons Report

The Bangladesh genocide attributable to the fascist Pakistani military generals in 1971. It’s the explanation why Pakistan and Bangladesh relations are dangerous. 3.000.000 bengalis bought killed and 300.000 bought raped.

KebabSahab Report

That there is no ban on communist symbols like there may be on nazi symbols.

In jap Europe you may hardly discover a household that has not been touched by soviet battle rimes. My nice grandmother survived the gulag and needed to see the image of her opressors yearly on the ninth of Might when russian minorities very publicly (and drunkenly) celebrated their victory and have been upset that natives did not share the keenness.

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