4 Dumb ‘Jaws’ Ripoffs That Somehow Exist


Deep Jaws Deep Throat Meets Jaws


Regardless of being a horrible movie in each potential sense, 1976’s Deep Jaws can be the best Jaws ripoff film, exactly as a result of it is ABOUT Jaws ripoff motion pictures. The film is about Uranus Studios, a once-successful film studio lowered to creating low-budget movies that decides to plagiarize Jaws AND Deep Throat to outlive. By some means, they find yourself getting one million {dollars} from Henry Kissinger to provide a “simulated model of the Russian-American outer area hook-up,” no matter which means. As an alternative, they resolve to make an inexpensive mermaid porno presumably involving a gay shark.  

Sound intriguing? Sadly, that is about all we are able to present you from this film: 

Gourmand Video Assortment

(cue Jaws theme remade with butt slaps)

Mainly, it is a biting satire of the shamelessly unoriginal studios that turned “ripping off Jaws” into an entire style of films, which is spectacular contemplating it was made earlier than virtually all of these motion pictures. Really, a vital a part of film historical past. (However significantly, do not watch it, it sucks.) 

Observe Maxwell Yezpitelok‘s heroic effort to learn and touch upon each ’90s Superman comedian at Superman86to99.tumblr.com. 

High picture: Severin Movies, Gourmand Video Assortment

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