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We Remorse To Inform You Each Lennon Children Are Into NFTs


The additional we get from the unlucky second NFTs entered the general public consciousness, the clearer it turns into that every one the celebrities hocking these cursed issues have been both 1) saps with an excessive amount of cash begging to be separated from it, or 2) trying for saps with an excessive amount of cash begging to be separated from it. We’re selecting to consider John Lennon’s grown children belong to the primary class. 

First there’s Sean, the edgiest Lennon bro, who likes apocalyptic Beanie Infants a lot that not solely did he mint some baffling (often NSFW) ones of his personal, however he has additionally promoted some made by different folks — like these “not for the faint of coronary heart” (OR for infants) NFTs that look completely badass and under no circumstances like art work from some form of low finances porno recreation the place monsters offer you BJs. 


His brother Julian’s foray into the dishonorable NFT market ended up being someway much more baffling: he is been promoting digital variations of Beatles memorabilia gadgets, together with gadgets of clothes owned by his father. Sure, for less than $12,800, you could be part of Beatles historical past and personal … uh, a hyperlink to some form of black blotch that does not even depict a Beatle. That is unhappy on so many ranges. 

Screenshot of Julian Lennon NFT of John Lennon cape.

Julien’s Auctions

Here is hoping whoever purchased these was somebody filthy wealthy who will not even discover that cash is gone ceaselessly. Ideally somebody who makes/wears horrible shirts or butchers Journey. 

Comply with Maxwell Yezpitelok‘s heroic effort to learn and touch upon each ’90s Superman comedian at Superman86to99.tumblr.com. 

Thumbnail: Techcrunch/Wikimedia Commons, Wyatt Ingraham/YouTube

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