19 Australian Drinking Habits



Having deep and significant conversations at 1am round this particular out of doors desk.


Singing “he is a pisspot by means of and thru” whereas forcing somebody to down their drink in a single go.


Flying to Asia simply to get gloriously hammered on low cost cocktails for every week.


Having an unwavering allegiance to goon sacks.


And enjoying goon of fortune.

The Hills Hoist was featured within the 2000 Olympics closing ceremony in Sydney. For Brisbane 2032 I’m proposing honouring the custom of ‘Goon of Fortune’

Twitter: @GriftersEmporum

The truth that we’ve got a whole-ass sport devoted to pegging a goon sack to a hills hoist? Actually iconic.


Having no actual regard for arbitrary alcohol “guidelines”.


Utilizing empty bottles as decor.


Ingesting Ardour Pop in a park.

Twitter: @BTheorists

It is principally a ceremony of passage at this level. Then as we age we progress from parks to deal with events, in our twenties we go from pubs to stylish cocktail bars — after which again to pubs by the point we’re 30.


Woofing into soiled kebabs or HSPs at 2am after an evening out.

If any of y’all ever come to Australia, you’ve got GOT to attempt the halal snack pack

Scrumptious 🥰

Twitter: @TheAMaazing

There’s actually no higher drunk meals.


Having actually 100 phrases for being drunk – together with ‘maggot’, ‘hammered’, ‘shit-faced’, ‘pissed’ or ‘fucked’.


And calling beer bottles ‘stubbies’, beer cans ‘tinnies’, schooners ‘schooeys’, and draught beer ‘tappies’.

individuals calling tinnies tallboys is so humorous to me. gonna begin calling stubbies littlelads

Twitter: @spinningjoe

We love ingesting a lot that we have developed a complete new language round it.


Oh and let’s not neglect each totally different state having totally different names for beer sizes.


Getting anybody who goes abroad to choose you up two bottles of Absolut at obligation free on their approach house.


Ingesting alcopops as a teen, avoiding them in your early 20s, then a number of years later getting delighted if you discover them in an esky at a ~grown-up~ get together.


All the time discovering new and creative methods to drink.


Carrying our beloved goon sack mannequin over to different drinks.


Calling sauvignon blanc “savvy b”.

Australian’s must shorten all the things is completely baffling. ‘Can I get a glass of Savvy B?’ IT’S CALLED SAUVIGNON BLANC DICKHEAD.

Twitter: @romapaloma

Even when it is a $300 bottle from some obscure French vineyard, it is nonetheless a great outdated bott of savvy B.


And eventually, having a document for quickest beer-drinking being held by a former Prime Minister.

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