15 Eyebrow-Raising Death Rituals Around the World



Each 5 to seven years, some ethnic teams of Madagascar dig up their lifeless to celebration down with them in a ritual known as Famadihana. They offer them a pleasant new shroud, replace them on what’s been occurring since they’ve been gone, and carry them above their heads whereas they dance ‘til nightfall, when the our bodies are reburied with presents of cash and booze. In any case, the place’s the enjoyable in a sober afterlife?

India Dying Parades

(Srivatsan Balaji/Unsplash)

In Varanasi, India, the place lots of of Hinduists are cremated every single day with the idea that the sacred metropolis will free them from the cycle of reincarnation, our bodies are first carried via the streets wearing colours that symbolize the deceased’s greatest qualities. It’s not a lot totally different from our funeral processions, besides a bit extra open air and colourful.

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